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How to get the oscillator frequency spectrum/time domain signal on 1 GHz oscillator

I'm having trouble getting these 2 graphs on AWR and it has to do with the design or how i'm simulating it. The steps i took were to get the impedance of the ATF-21186 transistor at 1 GHz from the s-parameters then impedance match it using transmission lines. Assuming that i impedance matched correctly, the part i don't understand is how to sim it. From my understanding, you use the OSCPROBE but even with it, it won't run so i must be missing something. An error that reads "Oscillator analysis (OptimMethod = MinMax) terminated due to maximum number of cycles (OPT_CYCLES) at sweep point 1 (FREQ=1 GHz)" keeps coming out and i can't figure out how to fix it. Hopefully someone can give me some insight into how to resolve this.
Maybe its how i set up the transistor, i made a subcircuit of it with only 2 ports when it's a 3 port FET, but i didn't think this would affect it. I was thinking the port but i don't know how to set them up properly. I was also considering using the OSCTEST but i don't think i'm graphing it correctly. Pictures are included. Any help is appreciated.

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I see several issues in your schematic, but the biggest one is not something that can be fixed.  Your transistor model is an S-Parameter file.  That means it is a linear transistor model (S-Parameters are linear by definition) and oscillators are nonlinear circuits.  You must find a nonlinear transistor model before you can even begin to model an oscillator.


Once you find a nonlinear model, you need to look at some of our oscillator examples.  You should have only one port in the schematic, just like in real life.  There is no RF input signal for an oscillator, so you should not have an RF input port in your schematic.

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