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ar drone toolkit pitch roll problem

hello is any one got a problem with controlling the pitch and roll commands on the ar drone labview toolkit? i only manage to make the drone take off, hover, go up,down and yaw, the commands for pitch and roll doesn't it seem to work, i'm using labview 2011 and ar drone 2.0


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Re: ar drone toolkit pitch roll problem


I found solution.. actually I was need to calibrate my Joystick and inside of program for Joystic usually people use parametar like constant 32768, of course. But...., when you looking inside control block -> Control Drone via Probes you can see that value goes from -1 to 0,996xxyy. So, after calibration of Joystick it is nessesery to adjust constant value of scaling factor that mach to defined boundary (from -1 to 1). At first moment 50-250ms is quickly passed . So, if you in this case just a little move Joystic; Roll and Pitc will work fine. So, again, if I press Take off and momentary make Roll or Pitch axis to move all working great later because scaling element is so small but at first moment very important for enable flag of controlling.

Problem solutiion, of course in Toolkit, actually is not problem, Toolkit is ok on each version, but we need in dependance of used GamePad or any input devices, analog, digital... put main value to central point and everithing will work on each Take Off without fast intervention of moving any axis (Roll and Pitch).

For my case I just change constant in box from 32768 to 32767  (after Joystick Cluster), then is scaling factor inside of 2nd or 3rd graphic hierarchy corrected from -1 to 1 (not from -1 to 0,996 and so on.....)

- Damir

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Re: ar drone toolkit pitch roll problem

Just in case there is somebody had this confusion that I had:

If the Hover button is ON , then the pitch and roll will not work. Hover is meant to stabilize the drone in its place. So you have to turn off the Hover button so you can control these two controllers.

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Re: ar drone toolkit pitch roll problem

Do you know of any way to change it so that the Hover mode only stabilizes the Pitch while allowing me to manually control the Roll? Please let me know ASAP thanks

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