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Ar Drone 2.0 doesn't fly left,right,forward,backward

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with controlling of Ar drone 2.0. I have tried the example programs of ar drone 2.0 that was installed from Package manager and the programs have partly worked for me. The Drone can fly up and down, land and take off, and rotate properly. However, The drone can't fly left,right and forward and backward it does nothing.... Please, anybody can help how to solve this issue to fly every directions? Drone is hovering when I command it to fly left,right,forward,backward....

I would be the happiest man in the wordld if it was solved!!

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Re: Ar Drone 2.0 doesn't fly left,right,forward,backward

Hi Everybody!!


I have solved the problem!!! All you can do is to replace  "WAIT (ms)" TO "WAIT UNTIL NEXT ms MULTIPLE".

The folowing picture offers you more undestable steps.!!!!

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