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Git with LabVIEW

Git came up in the discussions at yesterday's meeting so I thought I'd share some resources I'm familiar with.  I do not personally use git much, except for one personal project, so I am not a good resource for it.  However, Fabiola at Delacor has some videos on youtube specifically talking about git and LabVIEW.  I found a few right off the bat, though I have not yet watched them.


This one, Merging and Comparing LabVIEW code with Hg or Git, is a recording of a presentation she gave.  It seems like this will hit on the discussion from last night about diff'ing and merging.


For more of an introduction, this video seems fitting.


Delacor has a playlist on Youtube with all their videos relating to source code control.


There's a new resource discussed at the CLA Summit last week designed to collect a bunch of resources regarding LabVIEW over on Lava now with a section on source code control as well (which points to at least some of what I've laid out here).

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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