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Haro3D Suggestions

This document is intended to keep track of suggestions for the improvement of the Haro3D libray. 

Please, post your new suggestions, or your feedbacks about any of the existing suggestions, as a reply to this document. The table will be periodically adjusted accordingly.

Suggestions will be implemented at a rate based on popularity (replies or kudos to feedbacks) and on difficulty of implementation. Once implemented, the Implem. Version column will indicate the first version of the Haro3D library that includes the feature.

You can also send suggestions directly to support@harotek.com or by PM.


No. Suggestion name Date Category Description Implem. Version
1 Create new voice commands 5-May-17 Hololens / UI Ability to create new voice commands that the user can use. 2.1
2 Option to make the Panels immobile 25-May-17 Hololens / 3D Objects Panels are currently automatically moved within field of view of user. There should be an option so that a panel is positioned like other LabVIEW objects.  
3 Texture for objects other than mesh and panel 5-May-17 Hololens / 3D Objects Option to assign a texture to boxes, cylinders, and spheres.  
4 Sharing holograms between multiple Hololens 26-May-17 Hololens / UI Ability to share holograms from one hololens to another hololens, so that more than one hololens user can see the holograms at a given location.  
5 Checkbox to lock positions of dialogs 27-May-17 Hololens / UI Dialogs are automatically positioned in the field of view of the user. User can move them by changing the direction of the gaze. Once in a given position, there should be an option (maybe a checkbox) to lock the dialog in the current position.  
6 Return position of helmet in Hololens space 1-Jun-17 Hololens / Space Returns to LabVIEW application the estimated position of the user Hololens helmet in Hololens space  
Marc Dubois
HaroTek LLC


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