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It would be great to have the ability to create an independent TestStand configuration that is valid in a workspace context. That would allow project specific search directories, StationGlobals an several other configuration items you normally don't want to share across projects on the same test station.


Add shortcut key to File-->Unload All modules

Status: New
by Active Participant MimiKLM on ‎08-19-2013 05:26 PM



Exactly as in subject: add shortcut key to File-->Unload All modules.


It is very annoying to go again and again through File-->Unload All after each iteration of the module development.

The Step Type Messaga Popup .


Usually I use the same text in the Step Name for the Title Expression


default MessagePopup.PNG


and for a long time now I have used NameOf(Step) in the Title Expression so as not to have to duplicate the Step Name.


new Default MessagePopup.PNG


Now that Templates are available I can save a copy this version to use instead of the default step type. But thats only true for my development PC.

This may not be saved on other development PC.


What would be nice if the default value for Title Expression was NameOf(Step) instead of "untitled".



Ray Farmer




Status: Completed
With the release of TestStand 2012, this is now the default behavior. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming! Lars

A nice feature of reporting is the ability to form the report file pathname using an expression.  However, since the path is resolved before the client Sequence file is executed, you cannot use properties populated in the client sequence file as part of the report pathname. Currently the only way to accomplish this without modifying the model or reportOptions callback is by including the <UUTStatus> macro in the path expression, which enables a portion of the process model which copies the report to a new path based on the result of the UUT:



I propose that we add an option to force the report path to be re-evaluated after the client sequence to allow users to include properties evaluated in the client sequence file in the report file path without needing to include the <UUTStatus> macro.  (basically exposing the ReportOptions.NewFileNameForEachUUTStatus property in the dialog)



It would be nice if the Step Settings for a Sequence Call step's Module tab would also list the calling sequences comments field and the parameter comments in addition to the prototype information. This would allow sequence calls to easily present information on the expected use of the sequence, along with parameter information (ranges, default options, etc) that would be useful to the developer. I've created a simple mockup of what I'd like to see here:




By adding these features, sequences can contain their own 'help' information which would allow the developer to configure the call without having to leave the step module dialog.







For the moment, the precondition builder editor only allow to check steps status or to create custom conditions.


It would be nice to add a way to test the current sequence Status.


To handle this, i create my own custom condition by using the runtime variables Runstate.SequenceFailed and  Runstate.SequenceError.

The problem is that these variables doesn't exist at edit time.


I think that adding this feature to the precondition builder editor could simplify our work.






result recording option flags

Status: New
by Active Participant warren_scott on ‎07-24-2013 12:36 PM

Background --


When I have a step in a sequence file, and I change the Load Option of the step, and I go to Sequence File Properties and change the global Load Option to something other than "use step load option", I get red exclamation marks next to my load options on my steps to let me know that that value is overridden by the global sequence file option.



if I look at the Result Recording Option, I see the step result recording option configured for that step.  But, that can be overridden by the Sequence Properties  -> "Disable Result Recording for All Steps".  I would expect that I would get a similar red exclamation mark next to the result recording option in my step properties configuration page to let me know that that value is overridden by the sequence option.  Possibly also update the settings column to include "result recording disabled" message like it would if I flagged just that step option to disable result recording (although I am a little more on the fence about this part)




On a similar but different topic, it is horribly hard to understand whether a sequence itself has configured to disable results recording.  I need to go through each sequence individually and look at the sequence properties.  Adding a settings column for the sequence list view would be nice.


It would be helpful to be able to change the font colors that are displayed for steps in the sequence editor.  This would allow users to identify steps quicker for more efficient editing and debugging.




Right-Click Insert and Delete Array Elements

Status: Completed
by Member Joe_H1 on ‎10-26-2010 03:50 PM

Right-clicking on an element of an array variable provides options to "Insert Element Before" and "Delete Element" as can be done with LabVIEW array controls and constants.


 Insert Delete Array Element - Final.JPG

Status: Completed
With the release of TestStand 2012 a number of enhancements were made to increase the drag-and-drop functionality of arrays within the Variables pane, including the ability to be able to delete elements. For more details on this new feature, check out the "Manipulating Array Elements and Array Element Values" section in the NI TestStand 2012 Help under What's New in TestStand>>TestStand 2012>>New Features. Thanks for the feedback! Lars

See last changes at Undo Button

Status: New
by Member TobiasT on ‎03-30-2012 01:04 AM

During development of sequences I often do "trivial" changes in order to check parts of the sequence that I do not want to save afterwards  (e.g set Run Modes of steps to Skip). It would be very helpful to see the last changes that can be undone before clicking the Undo-Button arrow (the same applies for the Redo Button of course). This feature would have two major advantages, since one could...

  • ... decide whether it makes sense to save the last changes or whether those were only for trial reasons and hence should be neglected
  • ... undo several changes in one step

This is implemeted in Microsoft Office programs for example (see screenshot from MS Excel) and I use it there pretty often.


Tool to create Sequence from Highlighted Steps

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎08-04-2010 01:38 AM

It would be nice to be able to create a new sequence from highlighting steps in a sequence and performing a right mouse click, "Create New Sequence...", this would be a kin to Create SubVI in LabVIEW.


This action could display a dialog to give possible options such as, to copy the Setup and/or Cleanup group, Create in a New SequenceFile or in Current SequenceFile, the option to Move or Copy highlighted Steps. It could also include creating any locals and /or  FileGlobals (if creating in a new SequenceFile) used by those highlight steps.



teststand property search please

Status: New
by Active Participant david_jenkinson on ‎06-20-2013 07:10 PM

The ability to type in a property string to search for:


properties finder.png


Standardize Closing Of Tabs

Status: Completed
by Active Participant snowpunter on ‎07-12-2012 02:59 PM

Current shortcuts for TestStand include Ctrl-D to close executions and Ctrl-F4 to close a sequence file. However, both of those windows show up as tabs in the current GUI layout.


Every modern internet browser allows the user to close a tab with Ctrl-W. This would also be a neat feature when only trying to close one report at a time when viewing the results from multiple UUTs, instead of closing all reports by closing all executions with Ctrl-D.

Status: Completed
I'm happy to announce that this feature is included in the now released NI TestStand 2013! For more details on the feature or to download the new version and give it a spin, check out

When you set the Post Action On Pass | On Fail in a step to use Call sequence, the only ways to pass data to this sequence is either use some sort of Global (StationGlobals / FileGlobals) or use Locals with the setting "Propagate to SubSequence".


There should be a cleaner way and that is to beable to pass parameters as you do with SequenceCall step type.


new Post Action.PNG




Ray Farmer

Right now it is pretty easy (Thanks guys!!!) to go from a variable that is of a custom type, and find it in the types palette.



This is great, and it should just stay the way it is.

The problem comes when you have an array of type "FOO".  When you try to do this trick on the array of type FOO, it doesn't work.  Arrays of type "Foo" are common enough, and it would be great to be able to go directly to the type definition for the array element, something like this:



(I could see removing the "Types" selection right above the new element circled in red -- it has limited functionality even now).



Beable to Group variables

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎11-08-2011 01:38 AM

When there are a lot of variables defined an Sequence / Sequence File, it would be nice to beable to group them to help use and readability.


It would be nice when entering in the Find: control to beable to pop open the Variable dialog (as in the expression editor) to select variable names. It could be linked to the Limit Search to: control. Like wise on the Replace control when that window appears. 


I know you have that drop down facility on this control but that only remembers what you have previously entered.



Add Quick Drop to TestStand

Status: New
by Active Participant Manooch_H on ‎06-22-2011 03:43 PM

How many of you would benefit from the addition of a feature similar to LabVIEW's Quick Drop?

The functionality that initially comes to mind would be typing to search for your desired step type or step template and dropping it into the sequence you are developing. Please add comments for any additional functionality you might like to see in a TestStand step Quick Drop (for example, you may want TestStand to automatically navigate to the Step Properties of a step after it is dropped from Quick Drop).

Please also add comments for any other situations/scenarios (outside of adding steps to a sequence) where you might benefit from a Quick Drop-like functionality. Thank you.


Utilize text editing UNDO with Step Settings

Status: New
by Member Raydur on ‎09-23-2013 05:00 PM

When editing the Value text within Step Settings for a parameter, the Undo command completely reverts back to the state of the step prior to any entry modification. This is frustrating when a notable amount of code has been added/edited to an entry box and you want to "back up" a bit to a point somewhere between now and when you started editing. This functionality is already present in the expression browser: activating the Undo simply steps back into the process of the code you are writing. Can this functionality also be present in the Step Settings pane when entering code there? Once you press "Enter" to complete the entry, then the functionality could be as before (Undo reverts the entire edit). But when you're in the middle of typing code, Undo seems like it should just reverse the last steps of the code you are writing rather than completely abolish everything you've done during the edit.


Essentially, while actually editing the Value entry there should be a temporary Undo stack that is used for the text edits. This stack can be abolished and the main Undo Stack is resumed when the entry is submitted (press Enter, select a different field, etc.).


Ability to create user built-in StepTypes

Status: New
by Active Participant j_dodek on ‎07-05-2010 01:51 AM



I think this Thread should be placed here.


The aim of this is that users can create the same powerful steps like that once which comes from NI.

Biggest enhancement of this would be that i can get rid of the "edit" - button and there is no floating panel

somewhere else.

The second enhancement is that i may use drag and drop between the edit and variable panel (if this is neccessary).


Like Manooch_H I am interrested in comments, too





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