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When running a stimulus profile in NI Veristand, there is currently no direct way of enabling/disabling  Alarms in real time sequences. It would be great to have this capability for use in real time sequence when you are transitioning a channel value with an initial set of abort limits to a new set of abort limits. With the current set up while transitioning depending on the rate of change of the channel value we may hit the upper or lower limits to an abort condition and trigger a procedure even though we actually meant to change the channel to different value with new channel limits.

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Adding new hardware to NI Max

Status: New
by Member daufdi13 on ‎04-02-2014 02:59 PM

It is always a pain finding new hardware in NI MAX.  You never know the IP Address.  It would be great if MAX had the capability to find hardware and configure network settings via ethernet Data-link layer 2.  You should be able to identify all NI hardware with your common vendor MAC prefix and communicate network settings.  I have seen other companies use this to find and configure their hardware on the network regardless of the ethernet adapter configuration.  

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It would be great if we could disconnect per user not every software attached to the user but only some of them. For example, if I only need NI Diadem offline, I only disconnect NI Diadem and not the other software, the other software could be available for other people.


Another thing, the start date of the disconnected license should be proposed as a choice when creating a disconnected license file.


Have à good day, bye.




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NI Volume License Manager reports for all licenses

Status: New
by Member PatCarbo on ‎03-26-2014 07:57 AM

With VLM 3.1, a number of default reports are available (License Activity, Client Activity, ...).

Some of the default reports (License Activity, Seat utilization and Seat Utilization (Concurrent)) have a License field that the user need to complete.


The issue I have is that we are using different licenses (Dev Suite, Dev Suite with Data Management, Dev Suite with FPGA, ...) and that I cannot generate a report that includes all licenses together.


My request is to have the possibility to select "All licenses" in the License field.


I am more than willing to validate this feature in an alpha/beta release.

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NI Multisim - new ideas

Status: New
by Member PB79 ‎03-26-2014 05:25 AM - edited ‎03-26-2014 05:46 AM

Dear NI


Ideas for NI Multisim software:

1. Schematic: To make an option to lock REFDES during copying circuit to the new sheet.


2. Schematic: To add power bias annotation for a components.


3. Schematic: To add active probe (see CircuitMaker 2000 solution).


4. Schematic: To add operating state annotation for transistors (active, cutt-off, saturated).


5. Schematic: To set some min and max limits for a voltage, current or power (they shall be visible in Grapher when you generate the plot). 


6. Simulation: To add circuit optimizer with various algorithms: Hooke and Jeeves, Levenberg-Marquardt etc.

For example: I would like to find a resitors values according to voltage limits.


7. Simulation: Current Worst Case simulation can not find right solution for a non monothonic functions, so please consider to add Hooke-Jeeves algorithm to find real min and max.


8. Simulation: To add Root Sum Squared (RSS) method.

9. Simulation: To add assymetrical tolerances option for a components (resistors, capacitors, voltage and current sources etc.)


10. Simulation: To add additional drift tolerance (aging, humidity etc.) option for a components (resistors and capacitors). Please create an option to turn ON and turn OFF additional drifts globally for a whole circuit design and for specific component.


11. Simulation: To add component stress analysis but more advanced. The goal is to check maximum dissipated power according to derating power characteristics for resistors according to current operating temperature (TEMP parameter for circuit simulation) and maximum voltage for a components (resistors, capacitors).


12. Grapher: To add histogram plots for a Monte Carlo simulation incl. table with data: MEAN, SIGMA, UCL, LCL:


  • Normal distribution plot
  • Cumulative distribution plot

13. Grapher: To add option to generate one report for Worst Case EVA, RSS and Monte Carlo.


14. Grapher: To add 3D plots (see circuit optimizer).


15. Interface: Batched analysis is fine, but it would be a good to see TEMP parameter visible in main window.


16. Interface: Fast BOM import for Excel and txt file (incl. some component parameters included value, TC1, max operating voltage and so on). For a quick changes on schematic.


17. Simulation: To add Worst Case option to Monte Carlo analysis to check ONLY endpoints values.


18. Model: To add a module that can build a component model from characteristics from datasheet (eg. to track output voltage characteristics of voltage regulator and to build behavioral model).


19. Model: To improve custom component drawing editor (make it handy and efficient like drawing schematic in Multisim). Current solution takes too much time.


The goal of these changes is to focus your product more in professional market where engineers must to find voltage/current limits according to operating temperature limits and component tolerance variation. Your product is good but it might be more oriented to perform these tasks much faster.




When configuring a system definition file in VeriStand, you can spend a lot of time expanding all of the tree items even if there's only one other item under it. I think it would be nice if the tree auto expanded down to the first set of user-added branches. For example, say I have a simple System Definition as shown below:




If I want to get down to the CAN port I've added, I need to expand Controller, Hardware, Chassis, NI-XNET, and CAN. It would be nice if, assuming the only hardware I've added is the CAN Port, that when I expand Hardware it automatically expands all the way down to CAN 1 since it's the first node I've added. Obviously if I'd also added a DAQ card I'd be ok with it only expanding down to under chassis. Alternatively, or in addition, a button that completely expands the currently highlighted section would be nice.

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Provide real time sequence feedback

Status: New
by Member h_yong on ‎01-31-2014 05:30 PM

It would be nice for real time sequences to be able to provide customizable feedback/dialog info to the user in the workspace. If this is not feasible due to its running on the real time side, printing to the console would be helpful too. This could act as a debugger and user prompt.

The Update Service supposedly already checked in the background and found I needed updates.  

Yet when I say “view updates” it makes me wait on a progress bar while it checks for updates.  

And then when I click “Upgrades and Service Packs” it has to check AGAIN with another, extra-slow progress bar.


It should just do all the checking in the background, retrieve the full list of updates, and stop interrupting our work to wait on progress bars.

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SV value update timeout alarm

Status: New
by Member jlu97005082 on ‎11-17-2013 08:38 PM

I have no idea about how to trigger "Bad Status Alarm" of SV without binding any IO.I have no idea about how to set the quality of IO Servers Output item, too.

So I think it is good if SV has "Update Timeout Alarm".


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XNET Database Editor: Support Copy+Paste!

Status: New
by Active Participant JKSH on ‎11-12-2013 08:19 PM

I had to manually enter the properties of 25 frames and their signals (at an average of ~5 signals per frame). That's not fun, especially since many of them were similar.


The process would be a lot faster if I can clone the frames/signals and just edit the fields that differ.




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Run Time Driver- 488.2

Status: New
by Member Sinead_B on ‎09-24-2013 03:32 AM

The size of the NI-488.2 driver files is quite large. I have an inquiry from a customer about the possibility of having a driver that just contains the driver to be recognised by the computer, without all the compatibility files for programs such as C++, Visual Basic etc. 


For certain customers, there is alot of overhead associated with downloading a file the size of the current NI-488.2 driver, when the compatibility for different environments is not always necessary. 

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License Management feature request.

Status: New
by Member gcoffman2 on ‎09-11-2013 05:38 PM

Here at the University I work at we use a large number of license management software (mainly flexlm).  This past semester I installed a new license management service that would be used to serve licenses to multiple labs in multiple buildings across campus.  Unfortunately after installing it and deploying it to a large number of machines I realized that my Labview license manager had stopped working because both processes were trying to use the default port of 27000.  At this point in time my only option was to change the port on the Labview license manager to a new port (in this case 27006).  Unfortunately due to the current nature of Labview I now have to visit 100+ machines in my building and elsewhere and point them to <SERVER_NAME>:27006.  


A peer here had a similar issue with the Autodesk software Autocad, which runs on a similar license manager.  However, Autocad checks a range of ports automatically if their license server isn’t available on the default port.  It would be nice if Labview would do the same.  That is, check port 27000 for a license server, if not found, check 27001…up to 27009 then store the port in the software.  Because of this, we do not have to tell Autocad which port the license server is on and if it changes, nothing needs to be done.


What I am suggesting is that users not be required to point to a given port if the default is not used.  Instead, the Labview client look at 27000 on a given server, if not found, it looks to 27001, this continues up to a maximum of say 27009.   


Another potential fix for such issues would be to have a registry key that can be updated through group policy.  This existed in Windows XP but in Windows 7 this key was removed an instead an .ini files used.


Thank You,

Garret Coffman

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Where do you post for problems using NI-MAX?

Status: New
by Member PatMcHargue on ‎09-06-2013 12:01 PM

Where do you post for problems using NI-MAX?

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Using NI-MAX to find a PXI-1033 with a single NI PXI 4462 in slot2, I get the following problems,

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Title pretty much says it all. I can create them programmatically,why not with a configuration?


Workaround: create the channel programmatically and save it to the configuration.Very inconvenient. 


<1% Use case? Perhaps. 


I can display it in MAX and it shows the internal channel. It's not like it's hidden from anyone. Being able to select internal channels from a dropdown, just like a Channel Control in LabVIEW, would be entirely logical and consistent. Default behaviour could be external channels, with filter checkboxes just like the aforementioned control.




Measurement & Automation Explorer behaviour

Status: New
by Member cfoe on ‎08-20-2013 04:31 AM

Hello NI guys,


I want to know when NI will develop a better software than MAX, each new release is more unstable than the previous one.

With the release 5.1.0f0, each MAX execution starts or stops by a crash. It's totaly unusable.

I want to change the name, it hangs !

I want to see the boards on the target, it hangs !



I don't know why it hangs, I can use a computer with only NI Products and nothing else, it will hang on each time.



Please hurry up and develop a new software to setup the target !!!!


Best Regards




The custom Device allows to include in the name of generated files a timestamp, with this format: %<%I_%M_%S_%p_%d_%m_%y>T


Today, my customer prefer something like %<Y%m%d_%H%M%S>
Tomorrow? I don't know.


Having a format string configurable from System Exlorer would be really convenient.



It would be nice to be able to control the stimulis from a workspace screen.


It would be nice to had a control like this ...





The stimulus list could be filled according to the content of a Project directory. (Project Root / Stimulis )





As the Idea : Controls for macros , it would be nice to add screen controls in order to handle with procedures !


For the moment, VeriStand RT procedures are only launched using alarms !


It could be usefull to be able to launch or stop procedures using screen objects. (Like the Model controller !)





It would be nice to add some controls in VeriStand workspace screen objects in order to handle macros.


  • A control to be abble to Start / stop a Macro
  • A control to be abble to record a macro


The two controls could be linked to a combobox which could list the content of a "Macros" directory, located under the project root.


  • A button to start a macro could also be usefull (With a label and linked to a project macro)

These controls could be helpfull when you want to build a simple screen, for users without big knoledges about VeriStand.