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New Idea

I am desperately longing for this feature. No further explanation necessary.

Status: Duplicate

Not so much a new idea as a request to maintain current functionality. LV2010 does not support importing of LabWindows/CVI function panel drivers, can we have it back ASAP please!


For more info see:



Kevin Snelling

(CVI Certified, CLAD, Alliance Member)

The Proposal:

The XY Graph should be able to switch from a Linear scale to a Logarithmic scale and back again without any fuss. While the VI is running.


How it should work:

XY Graph Log Scale 2.png

Notice that the linear scale changes back to -2500 -> 2500 when switching from Log to Linear.



Here's how it currently works:

XY Lin-Log-Lin.png

(A Hobbit's Tale)

2 things to notice:

1. The Log scale did not automatically take the absolute value of the Y values. This should be optional, with both a Properties Dialog option and with a Property Node available to edit.

2. When changing back to the linear scale, the minimum value remains at 3. It should return to the original autofit scale, which LV chose to be -3000 to 3000.


Why This Should Be Done:

Currently, the work around takes up quite a bit of BD space, needs an event structure, and can be memory intensive. If you have data that you want to view on both a linear scale and a logarithmic scale arbitrarily, you need to have, at the very least, a case structure (or Select) that takes the ABS if the scale changes to log.


Here's the simple, made-in-10-minutes workaround example of what I'd like the XY Graph to be able to do natively:

XY Lin-Log Example VI.png



I don't think that there should be a need for extra code just to switch between linear and logarithmic scales nicely.

The Control-E shortcut to toggle between Items and Files view in the Project Explorer should go away.  I often have my LabVIEW Project window sitting off to the side and don't realize it has focus.  I hit control-e to get to the block diagram of the front panel that's sitting in the middle of the screen, not realizing it that it's not the active window.  This wouldn't be a big deal - I'd figure out quickly that the wrong window has focus - except LabVIEW stalls for 30+ seconds trying to display the Files view during which time I can't do anything.

Status: Declined
Functionality already in LabVIEW

The placement of labels on a block diagram is very much depending on personal taste.


It would be nice if it was possible to select a different default label position for controls (inputs) and indicators (outputs),

For example some people would like to have labels on the left of inputs and on the right of outputs.



This could save some time when inserting new controls and indicators.



Status: Duplicate

When you want to save a XControl, you have to save 5 items ... the savefiledialog appears 5 times ...


The problem is, that when you add an XControl to an autopopulating project, the savefiledialog appears 5 times,

without any memory of the last path used ! You have to browse 5 times save all elements.


Here some possible solutions to this problem ...


  1. The save file dialog should keep the last saving path in memory
  2. In autopopulating project, the saving path should be automaticaly taken from the project architecture 
  3. A special save file dialog could be build, enabling to rename and save all 5 elements in the same directory ( This solution force to save the file in the same path ... is it good ? for me i think so ! )




If we have a horizontal axes (x-axis) scroll bar, why not a vertical one (y-axis)?


When doing plots for geological logs the vertical axis is used as a depth scale and users always scroll in a vertical direction. I had to improvise this in LabVIEW and it took alot of code to handle the rapid successions of scroll bar change events that get generated if a user uses the generic labview scroll bar to scroll a chart.


Anthony L.

Most of the new LabVIEW users will start programming from the scratch. They really find very hard to understand from where did this particular object (function) came from. So if the location of it is displayed in the context help it will give a better way to easily find that object from the location.


Ex: "Create User Event" can be displayed in context help as below


Location: Programming->Dialog&User Interface->Events->


(or in a shorter form that everybody understands).


Sorry if this idea has been discussed before. Or its not at all needed. For a newbie this will help definitely.


IMAQ VI's should support all image types which makes sense

Status: New
by Member heel ‎03-17-2010 08:31 AM - edited ‎03-17-2010 08:33 AM

Inconsistency is found in the supported image types for many IMAQ vi's:


For instance IMAQ ROIProfile, IMAQ LineProfile and IMAQ LinearAverages supports U8, I16 and SGL format but do not support U16 format images.


But, a profile along a line drawn in a U16 image should make as much sense as in an U8 image. Shouldn't it? So why is it not supported?


In addition, I would expect it to be easy to add an additional polymorphic U16 version.


These are just a few of several examples of similar inconsistency in IMAQ vi's.



Message Edited by heel on 03-17-2010 08:33 AM

Closing the front panel (FP) of a VI also closes its diagram. But, in opposite, the FP remains open when the diagram is closed.


Sometimes it would be very useful to simultaneously close the FP of a VI when closing its diagram.

This would avoid to either switch to the FP (Ctrl+E) to close both windows from it or the need to close the FP separately.


Could this be implemented by the Ctrl+Shift+W keyboard shortcut and a Shift+Left click on the close button of the diagram window ?

When I right-click a Control or Indicator on the FP or BD, and select "Create / Local Variable" I always get a Writable Local Variable. This makes senser for an Indicator, but not a Control. It seems to me that if I create a Local Variable from a Control, it should default to being Readable, so I can wire it immedatley (rather than forcing me to "Change to Read" every time). Phil.

Save all project as one file

Status: New
by Active Participant Maciej_Antonik on ‎09-16-2009 03:06 AM

Most of applications we write in LV are contained inside of a project. Saving it to disk creates a lot of files (.lvproj, .vi, .ctl, .aliases, etc) and subdirectories. This is convenient when you want to copy one VI or control to another project, but very inconvenient when sending this project to someone. In this case you have to create an archive to put everything together. Make an option to save all items contained in a project in one file.


Making a Windows Explorer plugin to automatically open such files as directories would be also a nice addition in this case.




Additional glyphs for project explorer

Status: New
by Active Participant Daklu on ‎09-12-2009 08:29 AM
I like the glyphs in the project explorer window that indicate the scope of each vi.  I would find it extremely helpful if glyphs were added to indicate a VI's override status.  (Must override, overrideable - normal dynamic dispatching, and not overridable - static dispatching)

The numeric controls can be configured by specifying Min/max values ... and behaviour when going over these limits (Coerce, ignore ... )


This feature works fine on the front panels ...


But when you modify the value of such controls programaticaly using a property node ... these constraints are not taken in account.


It would be nice to apply the MIN/Max limits also to the "value property" (and valus signaling too)




Presently i use the below mentioned snippet for calling a SubVI (with UI) for it to be a part of the Main VI (like an excel sheet) so that i dont see multiple windows in the desktop tool bar.


"Creates a Child VI into the Front Panel of the parent vi. Child and parent vi must already be loaded into memory.

Created by: Jack Hamilton



The idea here is to include a option the VI Properties to add this option something like this




LabVIEW Web UI import from VI

Status: New
by Member GuessWho on ‎11-01-2011 07:48 AM

Suggestion for developers of LabVIEW Web UI:

We would like our Web UI to have a very similar look-and-feel to the core application it is tied to.  To facilitate that, it would be useful to be able, in WebUI, to be able to point at a VI and say "import panel" - the tool would then import all sensible importable features of the VI's front panel, as a starting point.

Blair Smith



Status: New
by Active Participant Guruthilak on ‎03-22-2011 01:53 AM

I am not sure whether something similar has been propoesed or not..


This is something to do with the ICON EDITOR...I propose a "ICON Manager" (see Endevo ICON Manager) with which it should be possible to apply the icon to all the vi's/ctl present in the directory or llb.


-->The Name of the folder or the first name of the vi (ex: If the subvi name is "", then "abc" will be the header and "xyz" would be the body) can be used as the header. (or automatically find the header)


-->An option to preview and apply the same to all the vi in the directory (whether they are linked to one another or called dynamically should not matter)


-->An option to select the Main (toplevel) vi and apply the icons to all the calles




Allowing proxy settings for LV

Status: New
by Member pachook on ‎08-27-2010 03:25 AM

At my current work place we use proxy servers as an internet connection. With LabVIEW it makes it difficult not only while the NI software is being installed (to check for updates, connect with server for veryfication etc) but also during typical work it makes troubles with finding examples and drivers from a development enviroment.


I would suggest adding some advenced internet connection options for proxy settings etc.


Another little thing with a company computers is that, even when installing NI software on a D drive it still installs some example software on C:. It makes problem when your IT limited your C drive for absolute minimum, because with huge amount of NI software the amound of "additional" data is getting bigger and bigger.






Add row headers to single column listbox

Status: New
by Member dsloan on ‎04-18-2013 12:12 PM

Why don't I have the option to add row headers to a single column listbox?  I can add a column header - and there is only one column.  It is often very helpful to show the row number in a listbox and there is no easy/good way to do this for a single column listbox

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