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New Idea


Status: Declined
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎04-10-2012 06:24 PM



                  I would like to be able to program the XNodes.





          Include the programming of Xnodes in labview features


                               ... for the next Christmas   clin d'oeil _ 1.gif





Status: Declined
XNodes are a proprietary technology that NI will not be releasing to the public

XY Intensity Graph

Status: New
by Active Participant Mads on ‎03-31-2011 08:23 AM

There seems to be a control missing in LabVIEW: an intensity plot that will accept data that has been sampled at a variable rate.


 It should be possible to specify the time stamps of each block in the plot (like with the XY Graph) so that you can present such data without having to resample it at a fixed rate. 


Scrollbar for Cluster

Status: Duplicate
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎12-06-2009 11:17 PM

I feel it is hightime that NI introduced the Scrollbar option for the clusters, similar to arrays.


This may serve as a workaround till NI implements the "View Cluster Constants as Icon" option, asked in another idea.

Status: Duplicate
This idea is a duplicate concept to the following idea post:

Limit Time stamp to single line

Status: New
by Member AG@Amfax on ‎11-14-2012 04:58 AM

Hi NI,


I might have missed this or it might already be implemented in 2012 as I haven't started using it yet, but wouldn't it be great if you could limit time stamps to a single line? Similar to the option we have for text controls on the right click menu, I suggest you implement it for those bulky time stamp controls/indicators. Please see below:


Time Stamp to Single Line




Looks pretty right!


Make inheritance graphically setable

Status: Duplicate
by Active Participant F._Schubert on ‎10-12-2010 06:25 PM

LabVIEW has a success story due to it's ability to program graphically. But the new LVOOP features still lacks the graphical touch. On the other hand, the text based SW is catching up with graphical modelling concepts as uml.


So instead of a simple config editor to set the inheritance, I request to have this completly graphical.

It's THE main feature of LabVIEW to do things graphically, so why fall behind this standard? No, not this tree control, but draw a wire to the parent, uml is already showing the way.

Status: Duplicate

Highlight Execution Should Not Disappear

Status: New
by Active Participant Manzolli on ‎05-05-2010 08:10 AM

I was quite surprised that no one wrote a suggestion about this yet, at least I didn't find after doing a search.


Sometimes, when Highlight Execution is on, you need to see a portion of the code that is not in the screen. Doing a scroll to see the desired code, part of the code being showed goes away, with the values shown by the Highlight Execution. If you bring back that portion of the code that was on the screen originally, the Highlight Execution values will not be there. You need to wait until next turn to see new values, or put probes in the wires to see then right away. Sometimes we need to see the FP or put any other screen over the BD. The result is the same, the Highlight Execution values will be gone.


The idea is to have an option to make the Highlight Execution values stick until you turn the Highlight Execution off.


Another interesting idea is to do implement the idea above and add a button to clear the Highlight Execution values anytime you want. Then the values could remain even after the execution being stopped. The advantage of this idea is that you will be able to edit the code with the values of the last execution on. May look messy, but you just need to press the clear button and all values will be removed, not a problem. With this concept it will be easy to save a screen (print screen) with Highlight Execution values on. Probably this also reduce the amount of probes needed in a daily basis.


This is more of a bug report than an idea suggestion (although the boundary between both is sometimes tenuous).

When creating a Formula Node input or output variable, the name of a control or indicator created by Right-clicking the terminal is "input variable" or "output variable":




It should be named after the variable it is connected to. In the example above, I would expect "delta".

Shouldn't be difficult to do, the Mathscript node does things right:




PS: don't tell me I don't need to declare the output variables in the formula node. I know. I just created the latter for debugging purpose, which reminded me to post this overdue bug report.

Status: Completed

program icon in project

Status: Declined
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎11-12-2012 03:39 AM
Small suggestion, when creating and linking an icon to a Build, it'd be nice if that icon was used in the project environment.
Status: Declined

Add New... to the RCM in projects

Status: New
by Proven Zealot on ‎04-05-2012 09:09 PM

OK, I've been working with some reformed txt programmers.  They like to decorate their vi names.  i.e ""  I've just about convinced them that the fully qualified name of " on Giszmo" is better but, it is not quite what they are looking for.


My Ctrl+Shift+T keyboard shortcut Launches File>>New...  Because it is not available from the RCM when selecting a folder in a project.  So if I select Funct.vit templates, create the vi and save it as Do Action in Giszmo project.  The displayed FQM is "Funct Do Action on Giszmo"


Perfect decoration!- since Funct(X).vit and Funct(y).vit tell me what type of action I indend to do! 


Here's where the story turns sad.  When I select a folder in a project and "Ctrl-Shift+T" the new vi is added to the project at root- Not at the selected folder.


This one seems like a no-brainer!


Adding last column number to Excel Get Last

Status: New
by Member mfattahi on ‎04-05-2012 07:51 PM - last edited on ‎04-06-2012 09:06 AM by Member MaryH

Currently NI_Excel.lvclass:Excel Get Last gives the last row in an excel worksheet. I am suggesting to add a last column count as well to the same VI.


Current NI_Excel.lvclass:Excel Get Last







LabVIEW 64bit french version

Status: New
by Active Participant Mathieu_T on ‎09-21-2011 04:54 AM

A lot of customers are asking why a french version of LabVIEW 2011 64bit is not available. Is this idea take part of the future roadmap ?


Key Board Shortcut for "Explore..." on LV Project

Status: New
by Member TailOfGon on ‎11-09-2012 12:59 PM

Easy to implement but useful




Free Label Default Colors

Status: New
by Member 10Things_Rob on ‎04-21-2010 10:54 AM

I find it a problem that free labels by default have the same color as native functions; there is no visual distinction in meaning. Hence I always have to change my free label colors... and I expect a lot of people use color on their free labels to mean different things.




I suggest allowing the user to set the default FG/BG color of free labels in the LabVIEW Options.

Perhaps a different setting for Front Panels and Block Diagrams would be appropriate; that also would eliminate the "use transparent free labels" option from the Block Diagram options.



*** Other Train of Thought: not a full idea yet ***

As an interesting follow-up to consider I also suggest considering the use cases for free labels. Perhaps there should be a way for the user to create different types of free labels and assign them default colors; if that were the case it would be cool to be able to seach for "High-Priority Labels" in all opan VIs....

A queue message is basically the same thing as an event; a notifier notification is very similar.


I suggest allowing us to handle queues and notifiers with the same Event structure as User Events and Front Panel Events.

Status: Duplicate
Matt B

Add Comment "Bubbles" option

Status: Duplicate
by Member Matt B on ‎03-30-2012 02:27 PM

Properly commenting labview code is very important and also very cumbersome in labview.

Currently, text boxes are used to comment code, but the occupy valuable space in the block diagram, which also limits the amount of text you'd want to put in the box.

The text boxes also need to be moved/resized when things change, which is also time consuming.



each labview object ( case structures, variables, bools, etc...) could have an "enable comment bubble" option.  When you mouse over the object, the comment bubble

would appear.  This would allow large amounts of valuable information to be presented to the programmer without destroying the value of seeing the code layout without comments.

Properly commenting LabVIEW code is very important and also very cumbersome in LabVIEW.

Currently, text boxes are used to comment code, but the occupy valuable space in the block diagram, which also limits the amount of text you'd want to put in the box.

The text boxes also need to be moved/resized when things change, which is also time consuming.

Each LabVIEW object (case structures, variables, bools, etc...) could have an "enable comment bubble" option.  When you mouse over the object, the comment bubble

would appear.  This would allow large amounts of valuable information to be presented to the programmer without destroying the value of seeing the code layout without comments.


For example,


See Fig1.jpg


All the comments on the above VI could be associated with a particular object.  There could also be a “show all/hide all” option to quickly view all comments in the VI.


See Fig2.jpg



Mousing over the red-triangle (or whatever the comment indicator looks like) would result in the comment showing up:


And then disappear again when the mouse is moved off it.  The position of the comment box could default to a certain off-set from the indicator, or even better, the comment position would be configured by the user when the comment is created.


See Fig3.jpg



Status: Duplicate



My customer has a big LabView project with many destination definitions in build specification. It would be nice to have a possibility to sort the destinations in alphabetic order in future LabView versions.



Make Nguyen

Finland Technical Support.


Structures with enabled Auto Grow

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎06-23-2009 08:06 AM

I don't like and don't use the Auto Grow option of structures. Therefore, I always uncheck Place structures with Auto Grow enabled in the LabVIEW options. A visual mark on the structures or a specific entry in the Find and Replace dialog box would help me to locate these structures on inherited VIs.


Auto Grow structure.jpg

Auto Grow.jpg


draw rotated text on picture

Status: New
by Member safar on ‎03-29-2012 11:02 AM

on picture control only we have 4 direccion  to darw text on this control , i see is necesary to change the control text orientation to float variable which is the angle of rotation on the text. 

In short: please show scrollbars on palettes in edit mode, allow us to resize the window - and autoarrange the items to fit in the new window frame - AND make it possible to select multiple items and drag & drop them to new locations on the palette.


My user palette in particular has a tendency to grow very large and untidy. In normal use you get scrollbars that allow you to navigate through large palettes, however if you want to arrange the items in a palette and go into edit mode you end up with a palette that spans several screens - with no option to resize it or scroll through it. Instead you have to move one item at a time, empty a row, delete it...and move you way meticously through it. There is no drag and drop support (well, unless you count the option you have if you select move from the contextual menu first, one item at a time), auto-arrange, or window scaling options.


Sure, you do not need to do this very often (although I often tend to repeat it after upgrading LV, which now means once a year...) - but that does not mean it should be allowed such a crippled user interface.


palette edit.png

A summary of the issues is shown on the picture above.


I love lvoop but I hate that you have to suffer a huge performance hit when accessing parent class private data via access vi's, especially if it is large datastructures.  


As access vi's can also be invoked using property nodes, make a read/write property node pair accessible via an IPES - this will instruct the compiler that this access to the parent class' data should be done in-place.

Status: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2013
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