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New Idea

In short: please show scrollbars on palettes in edit mode, allow us to resize the window - and autoarrange the items to fit in the new window frame - AND make it possible to select multiple items and drag & drop them to new locations on the palette.


My user palette in particular has a tendency to grow very large and untidy. In normal use you get scrollbars that allow you to navigate through large palettes, however if you want to arrange the items in a palette and go into edit mode you end up with a palette that spans several screens - with no option to resize it or scroll through it. Instead you have to move one item at a time, empty a row, delete it...and move you way meticously through it. There is no drag and drop support (well, unless you count the option you have if you select move from the contextual menu first, one item at a time), auto-arrange, or window scaling options.


Sure, you do not need to do this very often (although I often tend to repeat it after upgrading LV, which now means once a year...) - but that does not mean it should be allowed such a crippled user interface.


palette edit.png

A summary of the issues is shown on the picture above.


Currently when you look in a project file the context help only changes when you move the mouse over a new item.


It does not change if you select an item in the list and then use the up and down cursor keys to move to a different item.


IDEA: Update the context help when a new item in a project file is selected using the cursor keys.

Status: Declined

Filed as a bug report (see previous comment)


Search 1D Array with wild cards or exact match.

Status: New
by Member ClaudioH on ‎03-13-2011 09:08 PM



My application uses a series of files to configure it self and I need to search in arrays to find which are similar to a given reference.


My solution is to use a for with a Match pattern VI and some logic to do the operation.


I believe that "Search 1D Array" would be faster than this implementation if it had the option to use wild cards ("*" and "?") as "element" input.


Other option would be include a flag "Exact match", by default set to TRUE to behave as is today or FALSE to stop on first occurrence of "element" in the array that contains it somewhere.


For example, if element = "ode" and array element = "model", it should set as a match if Exact match is set to FALSE.



A queue message is basically the same thing as an event; a notifier notification is very similar.


I suggest allowing us to handle queues and notifiers with the same Event structure as User Events and Front Panel Events.

Status: Duplicate

Free Label Default Colors

Status: New
by Member 10Things_Rob on ‎04-21-2010 10:54 AM

I find it a problem that free labels by default have the same color as native functions; there is no visual distinction in meaning. Hence I always have to change my free label colors... and I expect a lot of people use color on their free labels to mean different things.




I suggest allowing the user to set the default FG/BG color of free labels in the LabVIEW Options.

Perhaps a different setting for Front Panels and Block Diagrams would be appropriate; that also would eliminate the "use transparent free labels" option from the Block Diagram options.



*** Other Train of Thought: not a full idea yet ***

As an interesting follow-up to consider I also suggest considering the use cases for free labels. Perhaps there should be a way for the user to create different types of free labels and assign them default colors; if that were the case it would be cool to be able to seach for "High-Priority Labels" in all opan VIs....


Pane Size or splitter position

Status: New
by Member Ravi_Beniwal on ‎03-11-2011 05:42 PM

It would be nice to be able to set the size of a pane and/or set the position of a splitter.

I can run exe's built using an application build, but not the "setup.exe" from an installer build (the "Run From Build" button is disabled and grayed out):




undo step management in XControl

Status: New
by Member Olivier-JOURDAN on ‎03-11-2011 02:21 AM

As far as I understand undo management in XControl, "DisplayState" is memorized each time "State Changed" is set to true in "Action" Cluster. Undo step  is limited by the configuration of "Maximum undo steps per VI" in LabVIEW environment.

It would be interesting to have more control on this mechanism:

- be able to clear the undo memory

- be able to skip a memorization when "State Changed" is set to true. (idea : memorized the state only if "Action name" is not empty.

- be able to set the maximum undo step independently from LabVIEW configuration (idea : use the init ability to define this)

Last item wold be useful to avoid too large memory consumption when "Display state" contain lot of data.  


Drag and drop control into even structure with option to create new event

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast ‎03-10-2011 11:51 AM - edited ‎03-10-2011 11:52 AM

It's sometimes bothersome to have to go create an event then go get your control and drag it in to that new event case. I would like to be able to drag and drop a control into the event structure in any case and have the option to either place it in the case you have currently selected, or pop up the dialog to create a new event case, then have it dropped in that new case automagically.





Structures with enabled Auto Grow

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎06-23-2009 08:06 AM

I don't like and don't use the Auto Grow option of structures. Therefore, I always uncheck Place structures with Auto Grow enabled in the LabVIEW options. A visual mark on the structures or a specific entry in the Find and Replace dialog box would help me to locate these structures on inherited VIs.


Auto Grow structure.jpg

Auto Grow.jpg


Delete Clear Column from Tree Control

Status: New
by Member LBekel on ‎07-12-2013 08:20 AM



in LabView 2012 it is not possible to remove a once created column in a Tree Control.

As you see in the Picture all Tags were removed, but the Horizontal Scrollbar is still available. I think this is a bug.

Also it would be nice to have a "Delete Clear Column" Function in the right click menu and of course a property-node.


Best Regards






SPTM VIs Authentication

Status: New
by Member sgcporthos on ‎10-23-2012 10:02 AM

As far as I can tell the SMTP Email VIs on the SMTP Email pallet do not support any sort of authentification.  Unless I am missing something this makes them close to useless.  It definately makes them usless to me.


I think there should be a login (and logout) VI where the login session is passed into the other VIs via a reference object.

Assume you display more data in an Intensity Graph than supported by the display. Say showing an array of 10000x10000 points on a standard HD display.

Then LabVIEW selects what level to show for each displayed pixel.

And it selects the highest level of all points mapped to a display pixel.

It would be nice to have display options here as a property :

    Show maximum ( as now ).

    Show average.

    Show minimum.


Example : If the scale is 0..100 shown as black..white and the data values are random values of 0 or 100 then the Intensity Graph today will be entirely white. With the suggested display option you could select to show it as either white, gray or black. This is convenient if you look for deviating values in a data set. Today you only see the deviating values that went "positive". With the proposed change you could also look for deviations going "negative". And more ,,



Compound arithmetic / boolean functions ===> replace

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎03-16-2012 03:12 PM


                                                          Compound Arithmetic ....


                if  (boolean fuctions AND / OR / XOR)  &&  (Replace)


                  then   Boolean Palette .... (not Numeric Palette)


m                   original5.png

Panning around the VI using the scrollbar is way too slow. Using the scroll wheel only goes vertical. The Pan tool is nice but I never switch over to it when I should. LabVIEW should support the swipe gesture on the Front Panel and Block Diagram. Swiping is a gesture done by clicking and "throwing" the canvas one way or another (kinda like minority report). The canvas keeps the virtual momentum of the swipe and continue to pan the screen until the user clicks or the screen slows to a stop. This interface is one of the main tennants in iphone navigation for panning through tables, around web pages, and really anything that is larger than the view.





At this moment when I create constant on Which Event Input (Get Last Event Method):




it looks like that:




and every time I should go to help to check which number is responsible for Click, which for Draw, etc... (Usually I using Ring constant obtained from IMAQ WindLastEvent).


Compare it with IMAQ WindLastEvent function:






Do the same in Get Last Event Method. Please replace meaningless array of I32 with array of Ring Constants:






Simple chart with time as X-Axis

Status: New
by Active Participant RTSLVU on ‎09-17-2010 10:04 AM

Charts and graphs in LabView have been driving me nuts for years. What I would like to see is a simple chart (maybe even an "Express Chart") that has a single dimensional array input and a timestamp input. Values in the array would automatically be plotted on their own plot and the time stamp would be put in the X-axis starting from the left. An option to just use the current time if no timestamp was input and amount of data displayed on the X-axis can be adjusted on the fly by setting the X-axis TIME/DIV

Please add labels to the "picture items" selection in the control editor for customizing button controls.  This would help the developer know which button state is selected for a picture import.  Labes could be as simple as "T, F, T->F, F->T ...." 


add lables.png


I have several Labview versions, and some files are in 2010, others in 2011.

I often work with both version launched, and when I want to open a file, I have to do File=>Open and choose the file (with the good Labview version). Opening a 2010 file with both version 2010 and 2011 launched open my file with 2011, whereas it has been saved in 2010... (maybe a bug ?)

I would appreciate if I could drag and drop the file I want to open on the LV icon on taskbar (+1000 to the following idea : here)

Best regards,

Within the Project Viewer it is possible to create virtual folders in which to help you organise your VIs. Why is this feature not available in the "Build Specifications" area below it.

The main project I am using has 15 different items here, most are grouped (I have a .exe and a .installer for each variant of the software I am creating). It would be nice to group these in folders as my project is getting messy.


Cheers, Alec

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