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New Idea

One of the biggest issues that I see new customers run into is the proper install order of LabVIEW and it's drivers.  It's not directly obvious to most that you HAVE to install LabVIEW before the drivers.  When they install another version of LabVIEW and do not update drivers, or they accidentally install drivers first nothing works correctly (DAQmx VIs don't appear in the palettes, New>Targets and Devices doesn't appear in the project menus, etc).  The solution to this is to completely uninstall the drivers that were installed, and then reinstall them.  This is annoying and takes a long time. 


My proposed solution would involve an easy "repair" option or tool that will simply reconnect the components and VIs etc to avoid the massive headache that most new users seem to get themselves in.


version conversion wizard in labview

Status: New
by Active Participant danil33 on ‎08-22-2012 11:31 PM


      We know there are lot of posts in Version Conversion Board  for conversion of VIs and DLLs from one version to the other.In other programing languages like .net we can see the 'VERSION CONVERSION WIZARD'.Using that we can easily convert from one version to the other.Why there is no such conversion wizards in labview?It will be very helpful.Is there any problems for creating a conversion Wizard?

I strongly forwarding the idea of a version conversion wizard.

Add a Contextual Zoom to Labview

Status: New
by Member G_Remy_-_IUT_Cachan on ‎08-03-2011 03:17 PM

Hi all,


This proposal is about adding a contextual zoom for Labview, but it is NOT a full zoom feature!


According to NI policy: Sub-vi have to be used instead of large vi. So the zoom features are not encourage.


However, Zoom out is already existing right now in Labview using the Navigation Window (Ctrl + Shift + N) in full screen

as explained her :

Visualization Window.jpg


So, why not transform this into a Contextual Zoom, it could be very efficient to navigate into a vi. as proposed here:


Contextual Zoom.jpg


Hope, you will like this proposal



surprised by this discussion, i was wondering how lvlibp's are properly "presented" in custom palettes. The result of my tests are the step-by-step explanation in the linked thread.

Sadly, i have found no official documentation on this, so the initial question is absolutly valid.


My suggestion is to add a comparable step-by-step instruction set into the LV Help and/or make it more intuitive to use lvlibp's on palettes.




If you change the connector panes of a SubVI with Ctrl + couse, the wiring of the SubVI should automatically change in all VIs which call the SubVI.


SubVI bevore changing rhe connector panes:




Changing the connector panes of the SubVI:




Should not give this result:




It should automaticallya change the wiring.

Debugging is also very difficult if 2 boolean connector panes were changed and the wiring of the SubVI will not change. So the caller VI is executable but the wires are swapped.

Change default icon of new VIs

Status: New
by Active Participant Nickerbocker on ‎08-20-2012 02:25 PM

I would like to see a spot in the options to change the default icon of new VIs.

Select Array Data

Status: New
by Active Participant Cory_K on ‎06-02-2009 10:36 AM

I think there should be some way to select data out of an array on the front panel.

Whe I mean by this, is that you can not click and highlight N x M number of cells, then copy and paste (into notepad, excel, etc).

It doesnt even work if you right click the array, then press 'data operations >> copy data', unless you stay in LabVIEW.

More control of the Context Help window at runtime

Status: New
by Active Participant crelf on ‎06-01-2009 12:19 PM
Sometimes I like to have the Context Help window viewable to my users so they can hover over FP elements and get some quick pointers on their respective functionalities.  I'd like to be able to control the position and size of the window, and also choose programmatically when it's floating/not floating, so I can have it blend into my user interface more intuatively.  It'd be great to be able to embed it into a subpanel too.

Strip path 'n' times

Status: Duplicate
by Member V_T_S on ‎08-14-2012 04:16 PM

To get to the required path user need to strip the path n times, why can't make 'n' configurable?



One thing I like about using Project Libraries is the ability to configure an Icon for the library that is overlaid on all of its new VIs. If you change this icon, you are asked, whether you want to apply this to all the VIs in the library. Unfortunately, once you have created the icon, there is no simple way to re-apply this icon to VIs and CTLs that you have added to the library. You can work around it using a few property and invoke nodes to programmatically call the proper method, but a simple button on the 'General' page of the library properties would make things a lot easier.
Status: Completed
Available in NI LabVIEW 2010
Find items with no callers contextual menu on class and library root nodes like available in a projects.

SubPanel in LabVIEW Getting Started window

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎03-09-2010 01:32 AM

I know we have some ways to personalize the Getting Started window but to my taste, it's not enough!

What exists right now could be integrated into a SubPanel to keep the same functionality and that would also let anyone make it's own little plugin into this windows.


Here's a little example :



Re-size formula and script nodes with ctrl-drag

Status: New
by Knight of NI ‎03-23-2013 12:31 PM - edited ‎03-23-2013 12:32 PM

<ctrl-drag> on the diagram expands the code to create more space. This does NOT work if we are inside a script or formula node. I am not aware of any special handling of ctrl-drag inside these nodes, so I think it would be possible to assign a resize operation to it.


Code posted in the forum often has way undersized script or formula nodes (see picture taken from here) and there is an immediate need to enlarge to actually inspect the code. Unfortunately, ctrl-dragging inside the script node does not do anything useful, and simply enlarging the node will bump into surrounding code. It is tedious to do a few ctrl-drag operations outside the node before we can resize it nicely.


IDEA: ctrl-dragging inside a script or formula node should enlarge the node and move the surrounding code accordingly.


The Undo (Ctrl-z) menu option is not available in stand alone applications built in LabVIEW.


The LabVIEW help confirms this: s/ 

Look where it says: "Items followed by two asterisks (**) are available in stand-alone applications you build in LabVIEW."

Then look for Undo and Redo in the Edit menu and you will see that they are not followed by the (**).


I posted the code that I created to implement Undo for exes:, but I believe we should be able to use the "Application Tags" instead of having to create code for something that is already implemented in the Development environment.

'Edit Palette Set' dialogs; It should be possible to get them back if they lose focus

Status: New
by Active Participant SteenSchmidt ‎07-13-2011 05:41 AM - edited ‎07-13-2011 05:43 AM

I select Tools->Advanced->Edit Palette Set to edit the LabVIEW palettes. Now the two palettes ('Controls' and 'Functions') appear, but if they for any reason lose focus (if I minimize all windows, if I temporarily bring another window into focus, or often even if I just left-click click on the desktop), these two windows disappear and it's no longer possible to get them back. I can only see the LabVIEW splash screen, and the Save/Cancel dialog for the palettes (the latter I can't bring into focus).


I'll have to kill LabVIEW through the task manager to start over.


I think the palettes need a bit more work to get them to stay in focus when editing them. Note that this is when editing the palettes, not when using them.




Radio buttons, rings & enums are used for the same basic purpose: to allow a user to choose from a list of named options, giveng the programmer an integer result. When trying out different UI designs I am unlikely to want to swap a radio control for a toggle switch or "OK" button.  I am far more likely to want to swap it for a ring or enum control.


Currently, if I replace a menu ring with a text ring or an enum, I'll get a new control with the same number of items and the same item names.  Often no DB editing is needed. 


But if I replace one of those with a radio button control, I get a control with two booleans in it, and I have to recreate everything from scratch. 


I'd like to be able to replace a ring or enum control with a radio button control and get a radio button control with as many booleans as I had items in the ring or enum, labeled with the item names.  (I'd also like to be able to make that transformation back the other way.)

For large block diagrams the automatic cleanup tool is not really the best solution. It became better by the possibility of selecting an area and cleaning up only this.

Nevertheless I'm still using the possibility of cleaning up a single wire by selecting it and then calling "cleanup wire" from the context menu. This needs a lot of clicks and also a lot of time if there are many wires to be processed.


What I’m missing and suggesting a tool to cleanup a wire by just one mouse click.

For this please integrate a new tool to the tool palette which can be reached by the tab-key. Clicking with this tool to a wire should clean it up immediately.

Additionally a hotkey should be integrated (I suggest the <ALT> key). Holding this key will switch the mouse pointer to the cleanup-mode. Releasing it should switch it back to the originally selected tool.


See the image for better understanding. Please note that I'm using LV 2011SP1 German language.



Add-ons Feature on VI Terminal

Status: New
by Member thilprakash on ‎12-18-2013 06:30 AM

If the VI terminal is having 'Find Control' option lie Add Terminal, Remove Terminal then it would be easy to find the Controls which is located in the front panel.

String Control should support TAB

Status: New
by Member Peter_FitzGerald on ‎08-03-2012 03:26 AM

The LabVIEW STRING control should support the TAB character


   String should have a property called TAB.Enabled (boolean, default=False)

   String should have a property called TAB.Width (numeric)

   String should have a property called TAB.Width.Unit (enum: Char, % of Text.Bounds.Width)


thus the TAB feature could work nicely with proportional as well as fixed width fonts



Card specific DAQmx/LabVIEW Property Nodes

Status: New
by Member Kira_T on ‎01-10-2012 09:17 AM

DAQmx allows you to change between active and open collector modes per line on cards that only support per port changes.  It is suggested that LabVIEW or DAQmx give a warning when trying to do this to tell you that the device only supports per port changes.  



Kira T

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