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New Idea

Auto update globals variables name

Status: New
by Active Participant Pnt on ‎10-03-2009 12:49 PM

When you change a global's variable name, all instances are not been updated, causing a broken arrow.

It must be done manually and it costs a lot of time.

There is an option "Find ALL instances" so i guess it is very easy to update all names automatically

Allow comparison of Labview Project file

Status: New
by Member mattjsimps on ‎06-09-2011 10:50 AM

One of the (frankly many) ways that the Labview Compare Heirachy could be improved is to add support for comparing actual projects.


For instance, I might want to see at a glance what is different between two build specs, or whatever.


At the moment, this leaves me reaching for BeyondCompare (other diff tools are availableSmiley Happy

I would like a key or click combination to highlight the entire wire.  Structure borders are brick walls for the highlight feature, so you must follow the wire to the structure, then double-click the other side of the tunnel in order to continue tracing the data flow.


For example, if I double click to the right of the While Loop, I get this:



What I want to get is this:



What do you all do when you're tracing wires through structures? 


Add a quick way to start a new LV project in the folder where you want to save it.



window new menu

I would like to be able to specify an autrorun.inf, an autorun.ico file and a copyright file in the Build properties for the LabView (or CVI) installer properties to be copied to the ..\Volume directory for the built installer. I can then simply build a DVD from the installer's ..\Volume directory and the DVD will autorun on insertion (if autorun is enabled). Of course, I can manually add these files to the DVD build, which I do, but if it is simple fix to the installer, well, Ithe next person who takes over my projects is less likely to make a mistake.

3 states.PNG

There are lot of posts in the forum regarding the design of a boolean control with 3 states "On", "Off", "Default". This is very useful when during some tests the LED should initially be in one color say "black", if test passes, it should display "green" color and if test fails, it should display "red" color. If this comes as a special LED in the front panel, this will prevent extra coding.



The resizing function calculates the new position of controls based on the previous position.
But the position is an integer. So the calculation is rounded. If you resize several times a VI, rounding errors occur and position control shifts.
This is particularly true for complex controls (like a graph) that have been modified

Using the resolution of VI and position controls registered at the creation of VI and calculate the coefficient of expansion / displacement from these values.


Something that I think got lost in the newer versions:

You copied a code snipped , switch to your block diagram and paste the code. 

Currently (8.6.1) the code will show up highlighted in the center of the screen and you have to move it where you think it belongs.


I want to (right) click on a position in a diagram, hit Ctrl-V  and the code show up at the click position.



I think it was there in the past, however I didn't found something in the options to turn that back on.

Status: Already Implemented

Bug was fixed in LabVIEW 2009


I propose that the resize menu is changed so that the resize is automatically executed if you double-click on a control in the list of selected items. If you only click the control once, the dimensions should just be filled into the size inputs so that they can be edited prior to clicking OK.






If you want to resize multiple controls/indicators in one operation you have the resize menu. A typical use case for this is to set all the controls to match the size of one of the selected controls. However, there is no shortcut to set the target size to match the size of a given control(!). You have to check the list of controls, find the dimensions of the control you want to match the others with, and then write in the width and height of that control into the inputs, and then click OK.



Lock decorations so they can't be selected

Status: Declined
by Active Participant NIquist on ‎11-22-2011 10:29 AM

I'm often frustrated when after setting up nice background decorations I can no longer drag a selection box around items that are on top of it.  I like to keep the decoration back there and sized correctly because it defines a functional area on my front panel where a set of related controls should fit (plus I like to work on a nice looking GUI).  It would be great if there were an option to lock a decoration in place so it would not interfere with the subsequent selection of anything inside it.  It is especially frustrating when trying to shift-click a large selection of small items since one missed click will de-select everything I was trying to select in favor of the background decoration forcing me to start all over again.  I realize this is somewhat of a low priority request but if the implementation is simple it would be a very convenient feature.

Status: Declined
Already implemented in LabVIEW

Prompt operator when closing project window

Status: New
by Active Participant gsussman on ‎05-31-2011 06:48 PM

Here is the scenario:


I have the top level vi of a large project open and am in the middle of debugging.

Searching for the source of an error I drill down through several layers of VIs, littering my desktop with open FP and BD windows as I chase the source of the error deep down in the VI hierarchy.


Having found and corrected the error I now start backing out.....CTRL+W, CTRL+W, CTRL+W, closing all of the FPs and BDs I have opened, when it happens....In my sort of autonomous string of CTRL+W actions, the project window became highlighted, (I must have looked at it sometime during debugging and changed it's z-position), and now I just closed it, taking with it all of my other opened VIs and the initialized state of the program.


I find that this occurs more often when I am using a 2 monitor setup as my project window is often positioned on the 2nd monitor out of direct line of sight. 


A simple soution might be to prompt the operator with an "are you sure" type dialog if the project window is closed via a shortcut keystroke when there are other VI windows open.

Discretely closing the project window by clicking on the close window button would not need the prompt as the window would have focus already and the operator would be discretely performing the operation on that window.


Another solution would be to exclude the Project window from the shortcut for a close window event.


Improve sound playback quality

Status: New
by Member CarstenPXI on ‎05-29-2011 12:39 AM
Sound playback on built-in sound cards using Standard vi's has multiple issues regarding quality (clicking etc.), choice of block sizes, latency, stability, inconsistent results between various OS versions, CPUs etc.

Needs complete re-write by NI to fix it.

Carsten Thomsen

XControl resizing coupled to underlying control

Status: New
by Active Participant GregS on ‎05-21-2012 07:04 PM

Many of the standard controls, e.g. Numerics, only allow uni-directional (horizontal) resizing, and provide the appropriate Grow Handles to only allow this.  I'd like an XControl to inherit this ability from the underlying control, or at least to provide the option of only showing horizontal grow points.



Actualy when we select a cluster Bundle or Unbundle when you hit ctrl-f you get this find dialog:

SelectClusterBundle.png  CTRL-F -> FindClusterBundle.png


What I want is to select the text in the cluster and get text Find dialog:


SelectClusterElementName.png CTRL-F ->¨FindClusterElementName.png


Plus... that should work for Property Node and Invoke Node

Machine Epsilon must depend on the representation and architecture

Status: Declined
by Knight of NI Knight of NI ‎12-08-2010 03:05 PM - edited ‎12-08-2010 03:06 PM

In the real world, machine epsilon is a function of the binary representation of a floating point number.


The labview help describes it as:


Machine Epsilon


"Represents the round-off error for a floating-point number with a given precision. Use the machine epsilon constant to compare whether two floating-point numbers are equivalent."



From the term "given precision", we would assume that epsilon depends on the representation. In fact, we can right-click on the machine epsilon and select between SGL, DBL, and EXT.


However, if we look at the actual value, we can see that machine epsilon has the identical decimal value for SGL, DBL, and EXT. No matter what representation we chose, we get the value for DBL.


This is not right!


Suggestion: the machine epsilon must depend on the representation. Since the exact representation of EXT depends on the architecture (64, 80, 96, 128 bits total), machine epsilon for EXT needs to adapt accordingly.


Here's one possible way to calculate machine epsilon explicitly. Note the discrepancy for SGL and EXT.






Status: Declined
Functionality already in LabVIEW. Fixed in LabVIEW 2010 if you drop down the primative on the Block Diagram.

Improve adding sub-VIs in Inheritance Dialog Box for LabVIEW Classes

Status: New
by Member wahnils ‎04-24-2014 04:16 AM - edited ‎04-24-2014 04:26 AM

Wouldn't it be nice to just check/ uncheck existing sub-VIs of parent classes in the Inheritance Dialog Box?


current Inheritance Dialog Box:




adding overwrite VIs:











Currently queues, events, and data value reference wires all look the same:


queue event notifier dvr.png


Can we add some varation to the wires? Maybe we can make the green line on the outside of the child wire dashed or varying shades of green.

Status: Declined
Declined for the reasons cited by AristosQueue in the following post:

Selectively disable auto compiling

Status: New
by Active Participant Daklu Active Participant on ‎06-28-2010 09:34 PM

When I have large projects with lots of classes, Labview's edit time environment slows down to a painful crawl.  Almost every meaningful action triggers a recompile that gives me a busy cursor for 3-10 seconds.  My productivity falls off a cliff and I avoid making important changes in favor of the cheap hack.  (The dev environment has high viscosity.)


I often wish there were a way to turn off the compiler while I make a set of changes.  I'm not interested in the errors at every single intermediate state of the code while I'm making the changes.  I *know* the code will be broken after I delete some nodes or wires.  Let me turn the compiler off, make my changes, and then turn it back on for error checking.


I'm sure there are lots of different solutions to address this problem.  My preference would be to make compiling faster so it is unnoticable.  I doubt NI will ship me a new computer with the next release.  My second choice would be to stop loading all of the class' member vis when any single vi is loaded.  I vaguely remember a discussion about that some time ago and it wasn't practical to do that.  That leaves me my third choice--more control over what automatically compiles when I make edits.


It could be something as simple as Ctrl-Shift clicking the run arrow to toggle auto-compiling at the vi level.  Or it could be a right click option in the project window that controls auto-compiling for an entire library or virtual folder.  Either would be okay; both would be nice.  


(For that matter, it would probably be a lot cheaper if NI just shipped me a new computer...)

It would be nice if we could programmatically set the inclusion of the upper and lower limits in "In Range and Coerce" function by having two additional input terminals in this function. This two extra terminals should be optional. With a value connected, the context menu option should be override.


Now it's possible to do it with a case structure. We may need to have up to 4 cases to cover all possibilities.

In the world of tab controls, a tab caption refers to the actual text in the tabs that you click on to select the different pages, see attachment "Tab Caption". Currently, there is no property node that allows you to change the font characteristics of the tab captions. The font characteristics can be customized non-programmatically by right clicking on the tab control and selecting Advanced/Customize. However, within the customize control all the tab caption properties are linked, so if I make the font color red for the page 1 tab caption, it will automatically change the page 2 tab caption text as well, see attachment "Customize". The same thing applies for the other font characteristics.


This functionality would be useful for those users who want more control over the aesthetics of their front panel. For example, if a user wanted each tab to represent a test that he was running he could change the individual text and color to represent whether or not the test passed, green "passed," or failed, red "failed."

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