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New Idea

Some place could be saved on the block diagram if the old fashioned timeout in a while loop would be replaced as a timeout terminal on the while loop. A mark on the corner of the stop terminal could signalize that the loop ends even if nothing is wired to the stop terminal.


The same could be for a single delay in the while loop by adding delay terminal to the while loop.



Status: Duplicate

The "Remove from Project" menu item leaves the corresponding files on disk. I'd imagine that people would often want to delete the code altogether, if they're removing it from their project.


A "Remove from Project and Delete From Disk" menu item, or a "Permanently delete files from disk?" query when clicking "Remove from Project", would be very handy.

Status: Duplicate

For example:

1) install based on a license: this would install only the software related to a license;

2) reinstall/update based on license OR based on what's already installed.


For every new update of LabView I need to select the installation  of the toolkits I want, why not make it faster?

Help folks that use the Volume License Manager

Status: New
by Member jimg12 on ‎04-27-2012 11:03 AM

We are a site that use multiple NI software products(LabView, Realtime, Vision, sound & Vibration, etc.) and multiple copies of each so we use the Volume License Manager.


My idea is to simplify installation, maintenance, and updates for folks that have a large usage base by:


  1. Stop needing to keep a record of all my S/N's of products and type them in when I need to do an install by:
    1. Allowing the install CD to query the License Manager for licensed products on the target and then automatically select them for installation without needing S/N's since the LM has that info.
  2. Make the NI Update Utility configurable to allow it to update all software available(service packs, and new software releases like LabView 2012) not just bug fixes.


The current system is pretty abusive to admins who need to maintain 50+ about a little help out here Smiley Tongue

Project templates

Status: New
by Member Log.MAN on ‎11-19-2010 02:20 PM

Hi, guys


Do you use Templates in LabVIEW?


You might have used VI templates in LabVIEW (*.vit).

You might have used control templates in LabVIEW (*.ctt).


You might even used VI templates and control templates together.


Why can't we create templates for complex libraries like project files or (class-)libraries?


For example:

I've created three template VIs which are connected to one control (TypeDef) template.

(The three VIs are for loading, editing and saving the data of the control template to a special kind of data.)




But using the VI templates will create a separate control (TypeDef) for each VI!



If I could put the Templates together in a library or project, It would make things easier,

because LabVIEW 'could' already know about the connection between the two template VIs

and the template control (TypeDef).


That's just a simple example which could get much more complex on whole project templates.


Until now I have to copy the project template and use it as I need to. It works somhow, but

multiple people using the same template causes much trouble (Someone always forget to create

a copy before changing it Smiley Surprised)


So there's the idea. What do you think?

LV's graph palette feels a bit outdated.  Can we have the graph support an option for "google map" zooming and panning?  That's what everyone who uses maps are used to... mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the graph, and click/drag to pan.


I realize some advanced zooming options wouldn't be supported by this mode (like just zooming x-axis or y-axis).

Editing the String Label of Event structures

Status: New
by Member stbe on ‎11-17-2010 11:10 PM

Inspired by, it would be nice if we could edit the label of each event case the same way as for in the case structures.


That would allow us to add events by typing - and hey, even auto-completion would be possible :smileywink:

Further, adding/duplicating event cases could be done like in case structures [ Ctrl+(Shift+)Enter ] ...

separate Vision and Motion palette

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎11-17-2010 02:22 AM

How comes these 2 palettes avec merged in one called "Vision and Motion"?


I'd rather have a Vision palette and a Motion palette.

Plus, if you only install Vision (and not Motion) then the palette name is "Vision and Motion" but in fact it only contains vision functions, so the palette name is inadequate.


See here :


Show (Default) value in Caption

Status: New
by Proven Zealot on ‎06-11-2010 01:13 PM

As discussed in this thread


With all deferance to FDGray, TST, Smercio_fc, Roy, Broken arrow, Ben and anyone I missed.!


1) We re-write the Style guide to remove refeances to control naming convention "Lable (Default)" and change to just "Lable":  From here it appears a better technique to use "Caption (Default)" as the caption is a more appropriate location for this information and can be programmatically changed (unlike lables).  Code documentation is improved.


2) NI change the Help screen to read the actual default value of controls and display them in parentheses to automate documenting controls to the new Caption(Default) standard.


2) Add an enviormental variable " Automatically display control default values in captions"  with a default value of true to allow consistancy with pre-developed code.

LabVIEW Project and Windows 7 Snap

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎06-09-2010 04:51 PM

Windows 7 Snap is a killer feature I really enjoy. One problem: when snapping LabVIEW Project windows, you get a wacky-huge project, whereas I would like a nice, thin project along the side of the screen. The width of the snapped project could become an environment setting.


Intiating the snap: 



Current wacky-huge project:



Proposed LabVIEW Project Snap Size:


Indexing Arrays by Content

Status: Duplicate
by Member David_Ferster on ‎04-24-2011 07:52 PM

I often want to pull elements out of an array based on their content. In a simple example, I'd like an array B that contains all, the elements of A that are greater than 0.5. A few previous posts have suggested a conditional append function on the output of a loop. Here's another possibility. Change IndexArray so that one can wire an array of Booleans to the Index input. The output would be just those elements of the input array for which the Boolean array element is true.



Another way to handle this would be to have a primitive that returns an integer array containing the indices of the true elements in a boolean array. Then allow arrays of indices to be wired to the Index input of IndexArray.


By the way, these are not really orignal ideas. They come from Matlab. Specifically, the A(A>0.5)  syntax and find(A>0.5).

The current error message doesn't have the filepath in the message.


"Error -1074395995 occurred at IMAQ ReadFile

Possible reason(s):

IMAQ Vision:  File not found."


I work on a 32bit computer with 4GB of RAM.

My application has grown to a size, which causes LabVIEW to throw up an "out of memory" message and simply hang (eventhough there appears to be a whole Gigabyte of RAM still available).


This occurs consistently, each and every time I run an exe build, unless I completely close and re-open the project file before I initiate the exe build process (the issue still occurs sometimes even in that case).

When LabVIEW hangs, the only option is to "kill it" through the Task Manager, which is a painful waste of time.



LabVIEW should be able to handle situations like the one I ave described rather than simply crash.

LabVIEW should be given the ability to unload all VIs from memory and release as much memory as possible before an executable build process begins. Perhaps the user should be given the option to select this when initialising an exe build.

Along with this idea it would be useful if we could set a maximum string size for string indicators. We can programmatically do this now but looking at the string length every time new data is appended to the string indicator's value however it would be convenient if we could simply set a maximum string length and have LabVIEW limit the size for us. Conceptually this can be thought of as similar to a lossy queue. As new data is appended old data will be deleted. The string indicator would never get larger than the set maximum. This would be useful for log or status type indicators on applications that are running for very long periods.

Currently there is no way to have a VI run automatically when a LabView Project is opened other than using a separate VI using VI server calls.   I would like to see this added to the Project properties menu similar to the option that is given within a VI's properties-execution to "Run when opened".  It would also be nice to have it target the correct device within the project.

Native Ternary Logic support (3-valued logic)

Status: New
by Active Participant dthor on ‎06-01-2010 02:49 PM

I'd like to see native Ternary Logic support (aka three-valued or trivalent logic, or 3VL). True and False could still be represented by 1 and 0 respectively, and the third option could be represented by -1.


Not much else to say about this really... I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

SCC login dialog needs retry

Status: New
by Member jlokanis on ‎08-07-2009 06:25 PM - last edited on ‎08-10-2009 08:40 AM by Community Manager

When I start LabIVEW, it will eventually ask me to log into my SCC (I use Perforce) as part of the startup process.  Unfortunatly, LabVIEW requires that I type my password into the Perforce login dialog and then Perforce responds within 60 seconds or this will fail and I will get the following dialog:


scc error.jpg 


So, if I start LabVIEW and then go off to do some other task and miss the window, I get this error.  If I then open a project, it is not linked to my SCC system and none of the SCC status indicators show up on the project items.  The only way to fix this is to close LabVIEW and reopen it.


All I am asking for here is a 'RETRY' button next to the 'OK' button so I can get a second chance at this.  It is a small thing, but it would make my life much happier...  So, please vote for this idea, even if you don't have the same problem. 

Message Edited by Support on 08-10-2009 08:40 AM

Visualize the absolute cordinates when moving a control

Status: New
by Member Joju ‎11-05-2010 10:33 AM - edited ‎11-05-2010 12:48 PM


when you try to move some control, in thefront panel, in development time, the tip strip represent's a relative displacement, but for positioning this control is very interesting to have the absolute position, and in the properties of this control you don't have posibility to place the control on a determinate position.
would be very interesting to have these utilities to build a front panel with more accuracy.
- show the position when you move a control in the front panel
- in the propierties of the control, having the possibility to input the exact coordinates of the control.




Regarding VISION IMAQ Overlay functions:


Currently it is only possible to select the color of points, lines or figures. It would be fine if it would be possible to select:


- line width

- line/figure pattern

- transparency



IMAQ Overlay Line VI

Enable 'Retain Wire Values' for entire VI hierarchy

Status: New
by Member asbo on ‎12-28-2009 12:58 PM

Spurred by Darren's latest nugget, I think it would be an excellent addition to the feature to be able to retain wire values for all subVIs of a particular VI as well as the VI itself. Several times, I have found myself having to run a VI a couple times to get to the point where I can satisfactorily examine the data flow. There is a JKI RCF plugin by Vishal posted here which implemented this, but native functionality would be much preferred. Smiley Happy


I'm not sure how best it could be implemented in UI so as not to disturb those who don't want this, and I can forsee a hairy situation arising if a particular subVI is called from a different hierachy later. Ideally, the subVI would retain values for the last execution in the retained hierachy, but obviously that's incorrect in the grand scheme of things. I'd love to hear other ideas on how to handle that scenario.

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