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Member AEJ
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How important is the orientation of MXI-2 cable

I have an application that requires a MXI-2 cable in the following configuration:  Right-angle point connector to straight-point connector.


The MXI-2/M2 Cable is similar to what I need:  Straight-point connector to right-angle daisy-chain connector, except that the straight-point end is labeled "CONNECT THIS END TO DEVICE CLOSEST TO MXI BUS CONTROLLER IN THIS DAISY CHAIN".  I need the right-angle point connector closest to the MXI Bus Controller and the straight-point end at the end of the daisy chain.  This would violate the labeling on the MXI-2/M2 cable, but will it work?


- Andy

Accepted by topic author AEJ
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: How important is the orientation of MXI-2 cable

It will probably not work. The MXI 2 cables that have one right angle connector and one straight through are directional so they have to be used as specified on the cable. This feature is important for when daisy chaining chassis together, but does limit how they can be used.


Scott M.

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National Instruments
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Re: How important is the orientation of MXI-2 cable

Is there a way to customize a MXI-2 cable?