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Test - Deprecated Functionality

by Example Gatekeeper ‎04-17-2013 06:09 PM - edited ‎01-30-2017 08:22 AM

This test returns a failure for any VI that contains one of the following deprecated items:

  • CIN
  • Deprecated Property
  • Deprecated Method
  • Deprecated subVI

Note that the 'Deprecated subVI' check currently uses a hard-coded list of subVIs. If you want to update the list, modify the default value of the "Deprecated VI list" in DeprFun Deprecated

This test is saved in LabVIEW 2012. Follow the instructions here to install and use this test.

Member jcosta96

Darren - Thanks for this test. I've been trying to write my own check for detecting deprecated nodes, but I'm having limited success. I'd like to know your method, but the VI is password protected. Can you provide any info on the technique that you used? I realize that it's been several years, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

I posted a new version with the password removed. The VI uses the 'Is Deprecated' property to determine if a property or method is deprecated. That property is private, but I see no harm in sharing it here.

Member jcosta96

Thank you very much. That explains why I couldn't find the "Is Deprecated" propery in the labview documentation.