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Why Join User Groups?

Participating in LabVIEW user group meetings provides numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Learn from Each Other -- Each person in the group possesses expertise in some area of LabVIEW development. Take advantage of their experiences while sharing your own.
  • Create a Local Network -- Make important contacts with whom you can share ideas and new approaches or just call with a question. Many user group attendees have found new clients or jobs or created other side projects with people they met during a user group meeting.
    • Become a Focal Point in the Community -- User groups can quickly become the center of the LabVIEW community within the local area. When an NI engineer or developer comes to an area, they often stop by to present and discuss the latest topics and features with the user group. Additionally, they look for feedback from these groups of users.
    • Meet Similar People -- User groups are a great way to find others in your area who have your same type of work and have similar interests.
      • Enhance Your Skills -- User groups are one of the best ways to improve your own development skills. Seeing presentations, participating in discussions, and sharing code are just a few of the ways to improve your own LabVIEW expertise.
      • Become a Local Expert -- When someone is looking for the local experts, they often want to attend a user group or seek someone else who does. Also, if your colleagues know you attend user group meetings, they consider you the resident expert.
        • Round out Your Leadership Skills -- Give your own LabVIEW presentations at user group meetings to share your knowledge, develop your presentation skills, and enhance your leadership abilities.

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