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Does NI have any embedded USRP?

Does NI have any embedded USRP like ettus? My supervisors are planning to employ some stand-alone USRP's in an area. The USRP's will be used to measure channel impulse responses. However, they should be stand-alone, i.e., no laptop/desktop will be connected to those. Does NI provide any such USRP? Or, is USRP E110 my only choice?






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Re: Does NI have any embedded USRP?

Hi Nazmul,


Currently, NI only offers 2 versions of the USRP--both Ethernet based.  If you want an embedded version, you will need to purchase if from Ettus Research.  The USRP E100/E110 will be the only options, and they will not work with the NI-USRP driver.

Sarah Y

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Re: Does NI have any embedded USRP?

Hi Sarah,


Thanks a lot for the information.