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Excel Decimated Groups

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Hi I have a question that I really need to get fixed so I can get some reports out. I called NI and they are still trying to get back to me with an answer as well. Hopefully somebody here may have an answer. I am using Labview SignalExpress 2011. Upgraded recently from 2010. In 2010, I could record data and it would write to an excel file. In this excel file it would show decimated groups, a sample every one second, then another group that shows a sample every 50 seconds, then another group that shows a sample every 2500 seconds, and so forth. This is great for creating graphs on 10 day long tests that I don't need every single second sample for. Since I installed 2011, it no longer decimates the data for me. I get a simple excel sheet with one tab that shows every sample taken. There is no decimation done. I used the Diadem trial to open up one of the files and it did show decimation groups existed; however when opened in excel, I am not getting the decimation groups I need.


The NI Rep said that the reason why it does not show decimation groups is because when graphing data in labview, 2010 picked whichever decimation group was best to create the graph. In 2011, labview expects the computer should be able to compute all of the samples. Which is fine but I'm not using labview to create graphs, nor do I want to spend over a grand on diadem to decimate my data. 2010 did it, how can I make 2011 do it? Thanks.



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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: Excel Decimated Groups

I figured it out. The TDM Excel Add-In 3.3 introduced in Labview 2011 removed that feature; or at least made a hard to find setting. I just downgraded to 2010's TDM Excel Addin 3.2 and the problem was fixed. I now can open excel and get all of the data decimated.