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Amplifier Design


I need to design an amplifier to conteract a low pass filter, so I need simply to build a "filter" where i can define a transfer function (I will simply invert numerator an denominator).

For simulation I used TF Construction an TF interconnection to simulate the filter and the  amplifier however these VIs dont process waveform and signal variables.

So i'd like to know if there is a way to apply a waveform to tranfert function or to buid a filter with aspecific tranfer function?


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Re : Amplifier Design

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To be able to apply your own transfer function, you can use special VIs available in the NI LabVIEW Control and Simulation Module.


Another solution would be to use a Mathscript node.



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Re : Amplifier Design


I did the below processing,  it seams to be correct. i'd like to verify if my way of thinkung is correct.


I need to apply this transfer function  to sound acquiredwith microphone and resend it speaker:


It corresponds to:

in the frequency domain.



First, I indexe the sound stream with for loop. sencond, I computes FFT.Next, I indexe the FFT. In Math Sript I calculate the response of the TF. the argument of the function is the index of the FFT array (this is the main point that embarrasses me). I multiply the result by the FFT elements, and finally I reconstruct the sound stream.

Is this the right way to do that?

ie is the result of this processing the output of the obove_cited transfer function?

thank you


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Rif.: Re : Amplifier Design


what do you think about this solution to filter a waveform using a TF ??