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NI CRIO 9076 and Daylight savings time

How can I set my CRIO 9076 to adjust automatically to BST?

I have have tried the various solutions offered online but to no avail.

Does this CRIO support BST?

If not why not?



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Re: NI CRIO 9076 and Daylight savings time

Unfortunately this controller cannot be used with BST. While some controllers can (such as the cRIO 9082), controllers running the VxWorks operating system no longer support DST. 


Options to overcome this include creating code that determines when DST has started/ended and programming the cRIO's time programatically. More information as follows:


'Local Daylight Savings Time Information' 

From that, on your Host you can then add or subtract an hour as required to the log that you are creating. 

I also recommend taking a look at this KnowledgeBase article: 
'The Current Time is Incorrect on My LabVIEW Real-Time Controller' 


However, it is strongly recommended that a cRIO's clock is not reset for time differences, as it can cause serious issues with losing data or gaining uneccesary data, when the time changes. 

Kind Regards,

Shalimar Ali
Applications Engineering Intern