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Host LabVIEW failed to download my_subvi.vi Labview 2009

My problems started with the jump to Labview 2009. When I try to deploy my project while running the front panel on my host and the code on the remote I get:

Host LabVIEW failed to download my_subvi.vi . "my_subvi.vi" is a random sub vi from the project. It can be different every time. This happens to my RT PC and so far does not to the PXI box.

After talking with NI I downloaded the SP1 2009 update and all other updates to run the RT kernel on 9.01 version. I updated the remote computer and no change at all.


I also made a small test. I can run a simple empty code like a pure while do loop and it is fine but when I add a subvi it gives me the same error, every time.


I have a quad core 2.4 GHz with 4GB RAM. Plenty of memory and CPU time. I used to run it with 8.2, 8.5.1 and had no serious troubles.  My PXI RT seems to be fine though either way...



Accepted by topic author AndyN
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
Posts: 164


After talking to the NI consultant I got the solution.


It is simply dumb but works. I removed the second memory stick - I have 2+2 GB RAM; it works now. Apparently LabView RT has issues with addressing over 2GB of RAM. I wonder if it has something to do with with dual channel memory or not. What If I had 4+4 GB of memory - would I have to buy 2GB mem?


Oddly enough it was working fine with this setup under Labview 8.2, 8.5 , 8.6 and stopped at 2009 and 2009 SP1.

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Re: Solution

Same for me. cRio with 4Gb USB-Stick. Removing the Stick helped.

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Re: Solution

Thanks for posting the solution. I also had the same problem, and I would like to confirm the solution.


My system was 'wearing' 4GB of RAM in 4 slots (1 GB each). I would like to add a few more indications that I had:


- In MAX, when I was connecting to the real time target, I was getting very weird readings about the available RAM (4TB, while I had 4GB)

- I was not getting any information on the available/free RAM during the deployment (before giving me the error of being unable to download).


The moment I removed 2GB RAM from the slots the problem was solved.


Another wonderful day at work is just over Smiley Happy

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Re: Solution

This solution also worked for me. Thank you!