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NIWeek 2016

Active Participant swatts Active Participant
Active Participant
‎07-20-2016 05:09 PM
‎07-20-2016 05:09 PM

Hello Lovely People

It's been 16 years since I last went to NIWeek with my buddy Jon Conway (gobshite) and I intend to drink considerably less this time round!

We were just starting out as SSDC (Jon had started the company a few years earlier) and now we older and wiser. We honestly couldn't be any dumber than the 2000 version of us, but we probably laugh less now, ah the heartache of growing old.....

The itinerary is as follows...

Fly in on Friday 29th

Saturday Hire big truck and drive to Dallas early in the morning (we'll be away at stupid O'clock anyways)

Sunday Family fun

Monday Alliance Day stuff

Tuesday LAVA BBQ, I'll be good because....

Wednesday - presenting x2 Details below (I'll be badly behaved on Wednesday night as post-presentation relief kicks in)

Thursday Morning - HOL9108 - Code Review Best Practices <-- very enthused about this one

Friday Afternoon Fly Home

There's a couple of meetings still to organize and as you can see I have not listed a lot of other presentations I want to go to, I'm very behind with that part of my organization!

On Wednesday morning I will be presenting TS9044: Shock Test Using Multiple Synchronized Racks

I've been twittering on about this project for a while now, so come to this if you're interested in measuring explosions. There are also interesting techniques on show and I'm pleased with the code too. For me the most interesting thing about the presentation is how it explores a broken software/hardware distribution model and the advantages that releasing source-code for free may have. I suspect there is some real potential to dislodge incumbent suppliers with this model. All it takes is a bit of trust......

Wednesday afternoon it's off to room 15 where all the cool kids hang-out (I'll be there too, bringing down the cool average). Here we have the Advanced Users Track and you can get your fix of technical stuff. I'll be presenting TS9456: ISO 9000 and LabVIEW . Specifically it will looking at ISO9001:2008 and how we have developed a toolset to provide seamless and helpful processes. It will be crazy knockabout fun.

The supplied links will allow you post questions (or if you are a twitter user abuse).

One thing I won't be presenting is TS10989: Use by Exposure: From myDAQ to ATE by bizarre coincidence there are 2 brits presenting at NIWeek called Steve Watts. This ones a lecturer at Cardiff University and I expect his presentation will be way more professional than mine! I'm going along to put my name to someone elses face!

And just to make other peoples presentations weird, keep the following in mind

Awesome is for SPACE

Passion is for the bedroom

Lots of love


Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

I did notice the second Steve Watts in the presenter list and was quite confused for about 30 seconds.

I have not heard anything yet this year, but in the past there has been a good gathering at the Gingerman on Sunday evening (sometime after dinner).  Good place to meet up with everybody before the real fun begins.

And for everybody who actually reads this, just plan to be in Room 15 for the entire conference.

Active Participant FabiolaDelaCueva Active Participant
Active Participant

Noooo! there can only be one Steve Watts at NI Week!

I am looking forward to your presentations, they are always fun and I always learn something.

I second crossrulz point on Gingerman, even if there is no official organization, it always happens.


Unfortunately not all the cool kids got in to room 15, I hope you do go to my presentation even if I did not make the cut .

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

FabiolaDelaCueva wrote:

Unfortunately not all the cool kids got in to room 15, I hope you do go to my presentation even if I did not make the cut .


I will be at your Monday afternoon presentation!  Unfortunately, I will be stuck in a CAB during your Wednesday presentation.

Member DescartesDoll

Looking forward to seeing the show. -R