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Immediacy Presentation

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Hello My Lovelys,

I've posted an uncut version of my Immediacy presentation on youtube.

Where I'm allowed I will also be posting NER CLD Summit 2015 vids on the CSLUG youtube channel and there's some nice ones!

Enjoy and sorry about my problems with the equipments (I blame age!)

Lots of Love



Coding Sucks

Standish CHAOS Report

Zed A Shaw What is a good programming paradigm

Bret Victor Inventing on Principle (really clarified some ideas, excellent presentation)

LabVIEW Manual 1989

Martin Fowler:Not Just Code Monkeys

Flow, the secret to happiness

 photo 4be9e774-656d-44c1-9a8d-1db1a15cdd42_zps6445ae67.png

Great work Steve, will go some way to make up for not being able to get to the summit(s) this year. 

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I've got approval from James Mac, James Powell (uploaded) and Pete Horn so far. Some were commercially sensitive so cannot be shown and I incorrectly thought the NI presentations wouldn't be releasable so I missed Tim Hursts UI talk (which is a shame because it was excellent).

I'll also edit this document when I get time and put in all the links that I mention etc. They are all worth a look if the subject interests you.

 photo 4be9e774-656d-44c1-9a8d-1db1a15cdd42_zps6445ae67.png