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Read PC Binary Data File and Write to Excel

Hi. I am trying to use the Read PC Binary Data File and Write to Excel. I read this link https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-21389. I'm sorry but I'm quite confused. Are the IQ values written into the Excel Files the actual values? And if these are not the actual IQ values, how can I compute using the analyzer gain value? Do I have to divide the values in excel file by the analyzer gain value? Sorry if my guess is wrong. Thank you.

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Re: Read PC Binary Data File and Write to Excel

Hi Nathan,


The VIs from that article do fully convert the IQ data from unscaled I16 values to properly scaled decimal values, using the RFSG Playback Level property (along with some other math & functions). This can be seen within the block diagram of the main VI (Read PC Binary Data File and Write to Excel.vi). You should not need to do any additional conversion.


Hope that clears things up!



James M.  |  Applications Engineer  |  National Instruments

James M. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments