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LabVIEW Interface to the R17 Robotic Arm by ST Robotics


Students at Olin College developed a very simple, easy-to-use LabVIEW interface to the R17 by ST Robotics. ST Robotics provides low-cost benchtop robotic arms are controlled over an RS-232 interface. See the video below of an ST Robotics robot arm seemingly beating human opponent at chess!

The R17 Controller contains a processor which runs Forth, a programming language designed for machine control.  Within its library are a large number of commands; perhaps a 100.  From that list a few have been selected and are included in the attached zip file (for safety purposes no DSP commands have been included as there is no direct manner to stop the arm in emergencies).

LabVIEW Interface

Overview of ST Robotics VIs.png

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