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Can I make an alarm trip off an alias?

When I configure the channel for an alarm I click the alias button and nothing comes up.  I'd like to use the same alarm for multiple alias definitions.

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Re: Can I make an alarm trip off an alias?

Currently, Aliases cannot be used to configure items in the System Definition File.  There is currently an idea in the VeriStand idea exchange requesting that this functionality be added.  Adding some Kudos to that idea, and adding your use case to the comments will be very useful in determining the new features in VeriStand going forward.  In the meantime, your best alternative would be to use a user channel in the same manner you would use an alias in this circumstance.  You would simply have to define a user channel, and then map it to a system channel or another user channel similar to how you would use an alias.  I hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing this use case added to the idea exchange.

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Re: Can I make an alarm trip off an alias?

Thanks for the information, Kyle.


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