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NIVS DLLs models simultaneous execution

NIVS DLLs models simultaneous execution

Hi to all,

I have to resolve an issue turns out with my VeriStand workspace:

I have a NIVS project with two dll models, whose execution (Run/Stop/Pause) is monitored in the VersìStand workspace by two "Model Control" UI Objects.

I wonder if it is possible to manage the executions without a twice clicking, that is, control them together by a mouse click.

I tried to create a custom UI object, whose controls would/should manage all the other dll UI objects controls in the workspace; then I modified "Model -  Model" with the addition of a "Call by Reference" block to call my custom UI object controls; but an error occurs when I tried to load the object in the workspace. The same problem using a subVI rather than a Call by Reference.

I hope to be clear.

Where I get wrong?

Do you have a solution to this problem?



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Re: NIVS DLLs models simultaneous execution

Each Model uses the numeric Channel, “..\Execution\Model Command” to (Start/Pause/Reset/Save/Restore) the model’s execution. 

You could create a single User Channel and map it to each model’s “Model Command” Channel.

Then use a numeric control on the workspace to Start (0) or Pause (1) the execution of every model with a single button press.

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Re: NIVS DLLs models simultaneous execution

Todd is on the right track.

FYI, this community is not where general NI VeriStand support questions should be posted. Please see the announcement at the top. It will direct you to areas that are staffed by NI Engineers and offer a better experience.

Stephen B
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