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mApplicationMgr pointer is NULL (MFC)



After being looking for a solution around the web I could't find any solution for my problem, which I will try to explain:


After the TestStand User Interface is started, I call a function member of CTestExecDlg which opens a sequence file and checks if the file has been openned ok. The problem cames always after mApplicationMgr executes the OpenSequenceFile method, actually any method or property called fails.


After debugging the code, I can see that the mApplicationMgr pointer value is 0x00000000, and during the InitDialog execution the pointer has a valid value.


The code of the function is the next one:


BOOL CTestExecDlg::SeqFileExecution(CString seqFile)
    TS::SequenceFilePtr seqFilePtr;
    //BSTR seqfilename = seqFile.AllocSysString();
    seqFilePtr = mApplicationMgr->OpenSequenceFile("DummyDll.seq");
        return FALSE; //Error while openning the file
    } else
        return TRUE;



Any help please?


Thanks in advance,