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Re: What’s New with LabVIEW Developer Days?


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Each year, we offer LabVIEW Developer Days around the globe with the goal of local LabVIEW users getting together, talking, and growing their skillset. We want LabVIEW developers to leave encouraged to continue learning, so they can turn around and innovate in their local communities. 


This year, we’ve created a series of new technical sessions focused on Design and Architecture and Software Engineering by partnering with several subject matter experts and leveraging LabVIEW Champions in many fields and industries. 


Design and Architecture 


Each LabVIEW application is unique, presenting new challenges and opportunities for missteps. Thereno silver bullet or design pattern that matches every application. Instead, you must break an application down into its components, determine the appropriate design for each individual component, and define the architecture. 


New LabVIEW Developer Days sessions will give you an understanding of basic design patterns and the principles behind architecting applications in a scalable, maintainable manner. 


Software Engineering 


Developers spend more time reading code than writing it, and a piece of code is not finished just because it runs. With the potential to live for years (if not decades), and the need to modify it or add features, your code development should strive for readability and scalability from the start. A development process that includes code reviews and templates can also save you time and increase your code quality. 


Good code is not just a code deliverable, but also a process that ensures youre writing good code. Ultimately, implementing quality processes helps you to engineer good software. New LabVIEW Developer Days sessions will educate you in how to adopt these processes at home.



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A Taste of What’s New 


Here are just a few of the newly created sessions for LabVIEW Developer Days 2017:


  • Abstractions and Interfaces, authored by Casey LamersDelve into good principles around designing an abstraction layer for your project. 
  • Choosing a Framework, authored by Sam TaggartLearn what a framework is and key points to think about when choosing one.  
  • But I Heard That LabVIEW Does Not Work With Git or Hg? authored by Fabiola De la CuevaMaking the move to a distributed version control system with LabVIEW requires planning, good architecture, and an understanding of the tools.  
  • Doing Code Reviews, authored by Peter HornLearn how to develop code consistently across a team so you can build efficiently maintainable code. 
  • Project Templates: Making the Most of Code Reuse, authored by Becky LintonExplore the benefits of using LabVIEW project templates to increase efficiency through code reuse. 

Don’t miss LabVIEW Developer Days in your area! Register today >>




NationalInstruments wrote:


Don’t miss LabVIEW Developer Days in your area! Register today >>



That looks like a hyperlink but it is not. Where can we register for our local Developer Days?

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I think the issue has been corrected and the link works, but if not, here you go

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