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single sided pcb

Hi all

First time poster.

Noob type question coming up.


How do i get Ultiboard to autoroute as a single sided pcb? Unless i've got it completely wrong you can only have a minimum of a top and bottom copper layer i.e. a two-sided board. I'm going to make my own pcb's and don't want to use double sided.

Is it as simple as telling it not to use via's of any description or is that a bit of a sledgehammer method?


Also, does anyone know of any software that will take the schematic from multisim and autoroute a veroboard/stripboard layout?


Thanks in advance.



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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM

Re: single sided pcb

You can mark the bottom layer as unroutable.

  1. Click Options > PCB Properties.
  2. Select the Copper Layers tab
  3. In the Allow Routing box, select Copper Bottom, then click Properties
  4. Uncheck the Routable check box

If you have a version that has PCB Layers in the spreadsheet, you can also do this a little easier.


  1. Select the PCB Layers tab in the Spreadsheet View
  2. For Copper Bottom, change Routable to No
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Re: single sided pcb

Excellent. Thank you.


I knew i must have missed something obvious.


Many thanks.



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Urgent--Need help in NI Ultilities

HI, Have a nice day.


I having some question.

1. Where do i can find the normal 2 pins IR reciever, I might that is in phototansistor, but i can't found it inside the transistor and diode part of multisim.

2. How to allow a single sided board with copper at the bottom , and i place the components in the non-copper side?

3. Normal double sided copper board with placing components in one side only?



 I am new to this program. Please help me. Thanks a lot. Hopefully you can give me a helping hand .




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