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replacement of MC1496 in multisim

what is replacement of MC1496/MC1596 in Multisim when used for modulation and demodulation purposes.

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Re: replacement of MC1496 in multisim

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Re: replacement of MC1496 in multisim

Hi there,


A very simple component which can be used to test modulation/demodulation is the MULTIPLIER component. It can be found in the Sources group and the CONTROL_FUNCTION_BLOCKS family.


I guess you can never find such an ideal component in real life, but its a good place to start prototyping your ideas.


Many semiconductor vendors make analog multipliers and mixers. Have you tried to find these components and their SPICE models?


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Re: replacement of MC1496 in multisim

I need to mc1496 for multisim

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Re: replacement of MC1496 in multisim

hey Tien P i reaaally need ur help i've no idea about multisim or simulation but i've tried to fallow everything u've said about simulation of the AM modulation i've create a new component ( MC1496) & i changed the pins 7 & 11 & 9 &13 to NC but still i get errors , so if u look at it i'll appreciate it for ever.
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Re: replacement of MC1496 in multisim

Hello sensirinatesla...,


Please look at the post mentioned above...

Kind Regards,

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