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how can i get a PIC16f87 in the database

hello im using Multisim and i want to simulate a PIC16f873 with servomotoren,

but it doesnt comes the PIC and also the servo, i need also a crystal of 4MHz to make it work but in the database comes just of 40Mhz and some others, motors comes DC motors brushles but how i can see the degrees or it doesnt comes the degrees of the moving part

and the pic a need it also becasuse i want to use a Serial (RS232)or Max232 comunication

Accepted by topic author Jeck avla
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: how can i get a PIC16f87 in the database

Hi Jack Alva,


We don't have this part in the database.  We only have four MCUs available for simulation, PIC16F84, PIC16F94A, 8051 and 8052.  These parts were added to allow professors to tech MCU and that's why we don’t have many available MCU. Adding one MCU require a lot of work, we have to create custom dialog and this is something our developer will have to do.

Tien P.

National Instruments
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Re: how can i get a PIC16f87 in the database

i will just try to make a small part of my simulation in multisim but the other part of the question how can i get also the crystal of 4 MHz??

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Re: how can i get a PIC16f87 in the database

for your 4Mhz crystal you just could build a small oscillator with resonat circuit in it, which oscillate at 4 MHz, or is that not possible?


I attached a crystal osscilator from an other forum thread. you just have to calculate your parts for 4Mhz