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Multisim and Ultiboard

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Pspice vs. Multisim comparison

I'm a geophysicist, not an electrical engineer, but have found myself working on a number of relatively simple circuits. It's not too expensive to add the NI circuit design suite to a LV developer's suite licence, but I haven't been able to find out too much about Multisim outside of NI itself. Can anyone tell me how it compares to PSpice, and how widely it's used in the industry?

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Re: Pspice vs. Multisim comparison



Multisim is a SPICE simulator and it supports PSPICE models and here are some differences:

 -  Multisim easier to use, you don't need to know SPICE to use the tool.  This is why Multisim is very popular in universities and colleges, a student can startup the tool and within an hour can figure out how to built a circuit and simulate it.

  -  Have typical instruments that you find in a lab such as scope, multi meter

 -  Interactive simulation, this is when you toggle a switch and you can see the circuit change instantly, in PSPICE, you have to stop the simulation change the connection and re simulate.

 -  Multisim is a schematic capture tool 



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Re: Pspice vs. Multisim comparison

Thank you Tien.