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how to convert am voice signal to fm signal

hi guys, can you help me to make vi, that if i input voice using DAQ the signal will be in the form of am signal then convert it to fm signal.

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Re: how to convert am voice signal to fm signal

Can you provide more details about what you are trying to do?  AM and FM refer to modulation, typically of a radio frequency signal. Generally the two types of modulation are used in different bands so converting from one form of modulation to the other is a rather onusual request.


What is the purpose of your project?


What carrier frequencies will you be using? What kind of hardware will you be using for generating and modulating the rf signals?



Posts: 2

Re: how to convert am voice signal to fm signal

what im trying to do is to make a real time project, i need two laptop here, in the first laptop i will input voice "i will talk" using DAQ, then the input voice should be in the form of fm signals, the i will transmit the fm signal into another laptop using bluetooth, then the fm signal should be converted into am signals. the signal of fm and am should be seen in the waveform graph to see the difference of the two.