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Trigger AO problem

Dear all,

Sorry for this (probably) stupid question but I would like to trigger an AO signal with a PFI (which is a pulse signal obtained from a camera). When the PFI is Up, the AO signal should go to a certain voltage (between 0 and 5V) and go back to 0 when the PFI signal is down (see in attached). But I am getting this message error : 

Error -200693 occurred at Untitled 1

Possible reason(s):

Buffer size (in samples per channel) multiplied by the number of channels in the task cannot be an odd number for this device.

Adjust the buffer size or the number of channels in the task so that their product is an integer multiple of two.

Property: Output.BufSize
Corresponding Value: 1

Property: NumChans
Corresponding Value: 1


I understand that the Buffer size should be a multiple of 2 but I do not understand how to get it. Could you help me.


Posts: 48

Re: Trigger AO problem

Here is the vi

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Re: Trigger AO problem

Hi Mnemo,


I answered on your double post. Please for next interaction choose one of them.


Best regards,

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