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PXI-4461 simultaneous analog input/output problem?

I have a PXI-4461 that I am trying to perform simultaneous analog input/output.  I can perform this via the test panels but when I perform the same in my Labview Vi I get the follwoing error message.  this happens if I start the analog out task and then try to start the analog in task after without closing the first?
Requested Sample Clock Rate is not available because this task shares the Sample Clock Source or the Sample Clock Timebase with another task. The other task has already programmed one of those properties in a manner inconsistent with the requested Sample Clock Rate.
Specify a Sample Clock Rate consistent with the settings in the other task, or change the settings in the other task.
I have used other devices that have an analog in and out sample clock but it seems that this one doesn't.  If I try to specify the sample clock as the ao/sampleclock it says that this device is invalid, use the onboard clock?
Max seems to have no problem doing both at the same time so what am I missing here....
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Re: PXI-4461 simultaneous analog input/output problem?

Never mind,
After I re-read the error code it made sense.  Once I specified the rate to be the same as what I set in the other task, everything worked as expected.  I guess I kind of have to use the same rate for both the generation and aquisition.... kind of sucks but oh well
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Re: PXI-4461 simultaneous analog input/output problem?


It's all explained in the specificaiton manual. (ratio between AI and AO sample rates)




Timming and triggering section.