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Absolute Encoder getting Reseted to Zero while MAX initialization (Clear Power Reset)

Motion Control CardSmiley TongueCI 7390
DI / DO Card: PCI 6560
Motor SpecificationSmiley Tongueanasolnic Minas A5
Model Number:MHMD082S1V
Encoder Type:Absolute


Zero Absolute encoder reading after switching ON the System.

Motion Control Logic as bellow:

1) Initialize PCI 7390 to enable Servo
2) Get Encoder Reading
3) If it is not equal to zero 
4) Move this axis to Zero Position(Homing) & Enable Home Indicator
5) Operator will Load the component
6) Press "Cycle Start"
7) Move Axis to 198000 pulses (Target Position)
8) Get Job complete Signal
10) Move Axis to 0th Position (Homing)

Suppose,During Axis movement power goes off,then ideally Absolute Encoder value should remain same after system start up.
But,It is not happening.We are getting Zero for every time after Switch ON the system.

{MAX Checking:Current Encoder Value=1500,if we send 5000 digital pulses to Servo in position control mode,it moves clockwise to 6500th position in forward direction.In second case,if we send -3800 digital pulses to Servo in same mode,it moves anticlockwise to -2300th position in reverse direction.}

I personally feel this problem due to initializing,when we are initialize Servo,that time it is writing Zero value or resetting Absolute Encoder Value.