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does return main keeps task still in system and be available for other tasks

Hello out there,


I'm heavily stuck to a difficult problem:


Currently I work on a project that is realized in Matlab. So I have Matlabcode that needs to access a NI acquisition card. This is done via MatlabExecutable (short: mex). This just creates a dll file from a cpp file:


Matlab code -> C file-> NI card.


The problem is that normally - in a single c file - you create a task, configure it, start acquisition, check for errors, exiting c code.

BUT, I have following situation:

Matlab -> create_task (configure, etc) -> NI

Matlab -> start_acquisition -> NI

Matlab -> cleanup -> NI


So I need to get the taskHandle from each step. And here I'm stucked. It doesnt work.

Matlab -> create task -> NI: everthing is fine I got all parameters created and I receive the task Handle back to Matlab

Matlab -> start_acq -> NI: I hand over the task Handle but the function DAQmxLoadTask(handle) doesnt work.


Besides my implementation, would it work?? Will the task still be in the system if the c file runs through without cleaning/destoying the task?

And could the DAQmxLoadTask function retrieve it?





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Re: does return main keeps task still in system and be available for other tasks

Hi Rked,


how does the "doesn't work" show? Is there an error message? A crash / hang?





Stefan Egeler
Group Leader Applications Engineering @ NI Germany