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USB -8476

       I have product,this product have LIN functin, I use NI  USB-8476 send to this product,then read feedback.:
        SEND COMMAND ----  ID:3C    DATA :68 01 B5 FF FF FF FF FF
        should be return        -- ID:3D    DATA: 68 06 F5 3B 00 16 00 0F
I first send content is : ID 3C   DATA 68 01 B5 FF FF FF FF FF then SLEEP(40)  then send  ID 3D then read.
but show me the error,error inf. is below
NI-CAN:  (Hex 0xBFF621A4) The LIN interface detected that the form of a LIN frame was incorrect. Either the interface detected a header with no response followed by a second header, or a header with a response containing only one byte, within the maximum frame slot time. Ensure that all devices attached to LIN are configured correctly and that there is no fault being introduced on the bus. For more specific error reporting, set the log bus errors attribute to true to see error details returned in bus error frames.
Who can tell me WHY!
BTY   Who have  send command with VB.NET program?