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un able to uninstall the AT-GPIB-TNT device


I am try to re install the NI AT-GPIB-TNT  , from the device manager is show yellow mark on this device and I was not able to re-install this device . it show contact the hardware vendor for the problem.  the system is running with winxp with the Agilent PNA E8346B.


How to re install this on the winxp




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Re: un able to uninstall the AT-GPIB-TNT device

You've posted to the wrong board. Your question has nothing to do with the Excel add-in program called Measure. You should have posted to the Instrument Control board.


You should also provide some other important information such as the version of NI-488 that you are trying to install.

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Re: un able to uninstall the AT-GPIB-TNT device

Hello Francis,

I agree with Dennis that this is not really the right forum to post your question but for your question, what error message that you are getting?


Also, Does the driver that you are trying to install supports Windows XP OS? You can get the latest drivers for the card that supports windows XP in this page. http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/fn/p/sn/n17:hardwareDriver,n19:Windows,n23:3.25/q/AT-GPIB-TNT%20/sb/nav...


Hope that this helps you to install the card.





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