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NI USB-9162 Task Configuration Error



I am tring to read the resistance (in the 2 wires configuration) of a Pt100 sensor. The task is created using Measurement and Automation and apparently working fine. However the Pt100 sensor has a reccomended measurement current of 1.0 mA. While trying to change the task's configuration (internal Iex source) to 1m and trying to run/save the task I am getting DAQ-Assistent Error 200077, value not supported. As it seems, the Iex current is limited only to 500uA. Is there anyway to safely (for the 9162) run an Iex of 1mA?

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Re: NI USB-9162 Task Configuration Error

Hello o_ptr,


NI USB 9162 is a Single Slot USB Carrier for C Series Modules. Since the Carrier can be used for a variety of Modules it would be good to know witch C Series Module you are using?




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Re: NI USB-9162 Task Configuration Error

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True. Sorry for not being precise enough.


The Hi-Speed USB Carrier NI USB-9162 is running with the NI 9219 module (4-Ch Universal Analog Input).




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Re: NI USB-9162 Task Configuration Error

Hi o_ptr,


I tried to find out what settings are possible for this resistance 2-wire measurement. There are no remarks for this in the specification of the 9219. So I would say that there

is no way to change the Iex for this measurement. In this case, the module is a constant current source which only can source 0,5mA. This is always the expected and only supported value.


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Re: NI USB-9162 Task Configuration Error

Too bad. Thank you!