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matrix\math manipulation


i'm tring to do in my code a matrix\math manipulation.

i have an array of 21 elements and i want to sum several of those elements. every sum will be tend to 4.1, and every sum will be in diffrent column.

i added a VI with those elements, in the front pannel there is an array of all those elemnts and the result i want. i wrote the result base on gussing\calculating in my brain.

i want to make a code that do what i'm doing in my brain.


thank alot


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Re: matrix\math manipulation

Hi asaf,


This discussion forum is for the National Instruments product MATRIXx. If you have a generic matrix question, you will want to repost in the LabVIEW discussion forum.


To briefly answer your question, you will probably want to use a for loop to help sum the values and then use the Build Array VI to create your result.