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Speed up autocoding

Hi, I'm wondering if there are ways to speed up the process of "autocoding". I'm currently working with a model which contains 4000 ReadVariables/WriteVariables, It takes to this model 30 minutes to autocode. I would like to know if there are options or best practices to speed up this process.






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Re: Speed up autocoding

It should not take 30 minutes to AutoCode any model. We test some large models (~3500 SuperBlock ~3000 variables) and it only takes around 30 seconds to generate the code. I have heard of a problem with AutoCode where it runs much slower with certain combinations of operating systems and run-time libraries. What version of MATRIXx are you using? Please give us your contact info so we can get you an updated build of AutoCode to fix this speed issue.
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Re: Speed up autocoding

Hello, thanks for the reply. I'm currently using a MatrixX 62.2 version. The OS is windows XP. Please let me know if more information is needed. It is great to hear that is not a normal issue and could be fixed. The model that takes 30 minutes to autocode generates 250 K lines of code (CPP file). I have generated other models that take less than a minute to autocode:


100K lines ----> 45 seconds

150K lines ----> 10 minutes

250K lines ----> 30 mnutes



Thanks again