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NI OPC Servers 2011 Installation Failed Error 1935 Lookout 6.6

While loading Lookout 6.6 Run Time onto a Windows XP Pro x64 Edition machine, I get a pop up Error window that says,


"The 'NI OPC Servers 2011' installation has failed with the following error:


Error 1935.  An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'OpcRcw.Ae, Version="", Culture="neutral", PublicKeyToken="9A4OE993CBFACE53", ProcessorArchitecture="MSIL".  Please refer to Help and Support for more information.  HRESULT: 0x8002802F.  Continue?  Yes or No"


If I click yes, when I restart the machine, I get a pop up immediately after booting up that says "the niupdateserver.exe failed to initiate"


Can anyone help me understand what this means and why it is acting this way.  I have never seen this on any Lookout installation before.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: NI OPC Servers 2011 Installation Failed Error 1935 Lookout 6.6

I never saw this error before. It's about an OPC core component install. This dll is for OPC AE communication.

You can try to repair the Lookout.


These OPC core component we install are 32-bit. Maybe the problem is related to the 32bit install on 64bit, but it should work.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments