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LabWindows/CVI Tips/Tricks Has Moved: Now Available in Wiki Format on

[ Edited ]
Hello CVI community,
Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks on this forum thread.  After listening to your feedback about the challenges of maintain a collaborative exchange of tips/tricks on a discussion forum thread, I have migrated the CVI Tips/Tricks to the new
This new wiki-based community allows you to:
1) Add CVI Tips / Tricks and Example Code using the same system
2) Have individual documents for each tip/tricks
3) Edit/expand existing tips/tricks (with no timeout on edits)
Best Practices:
1) Required: Make sure to categorize all CVI tips/tricks/example under the LabWindows/CVI product category
2) Recommended: Please append the string "LabWindows/CVI Tip" to all CVI tips/tricks
Track New Tips/Tricks:
Based on RSS technology, you can now view and track new LabWindows/CVI Tips/Tricks in the following web widget:

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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips/Tricks Has Moved: Now Available in Wiki Format on

What am I missing?  When I click on the widget, a new tab opens in my browser at, but all I get in the flash on that page is "No results were found for your search".




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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips/Tricks Has Moved: Now Available in Wiki Format on

It appears that it's not loading because there have not been any recent tips.  You can see still the LabWindows/CVI Tips on the NI Community, which is where this widget pulls from. 


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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips/Tricks Has Moved: Now Available in Wiki Format on

Hello Joe_N,


Thanks for the feedback!  We have recently made some platform changes to our RSS feeds that have resulted in a few adverse effects.   We are looking into the source of the problem in order to correct the behavior of this widget.


Thanks for your interest.



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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips 'n Tricks

The LabWindows/CVI Community User Group is a central location where you can post, share, learn, and connect with LabWindows/CVI users around the world! From the LabWindows/CVI Community User-Group, you can also participate in discussion forums, subscribe and view the quarterly newsletter, discuss new features with developers and learn about future NI events.

You should use the documents section of the LabWindows/CVI Community User Group to post your latest CVI Tips and Tricks and have them featured on the front page of the CVI Community page or even in the LabWindows/CVI newsletter.



Be sure to join the LabWindows/CVI Community User Group today and start connecting with other users!


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Adri Kruger
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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips 'n Tricks

Basically im doing a binary program.  converting from deci to binary. 8bits .


Im trying get my binary number in the textbox or display withou initializing it. it works in on the standard input /output screen. but i want to get my binary number in the textbox.


Meaning im entering any number between 1-64. prints out the binary. then send that exact binary number to the text box. do anyone know how to that. I dont want to go this route int kwan[]="00000001".


i want to input any number at anytime and it goes straight to the textbox or display box.


im going to post my project so you see what im doing. hit the run button to run the program.  whatever that result is, i want it to go to the textbox once again.

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Re: LabWindows/CVI Tips 'n Tricks

[ Edited ]

Binary representation of a number has been already treated  in the forum: here a sample function that accepts a number and returns its binary representation in a string (that could be passed to your textbox); you can find more with the search function.


In any case, consider that this thread is intended for the users to suggest tips for using CVI: to place a new question like this one please open a new thread (you'll have a better visibility too).

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Read Write Data from Excel sheet.


im new to lab windows cvi.

i have a scenario where in the data will logged.

each time if the data reaches certain milestone then at this particular point i have to create a excel file automatically & then write the data values corresponding to the columns.

say i have 4 columns a,b,c,d.

1) i want to create excel file automatically with this 4 columns.

2) then based on the each column value i will have to write the data accordingly.


how to do this in lab windows cvi.

pls help me in this regard.


with  regards!

Sethuraman R

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Re: Read Write Data from Excel sheet.

Hi Sethuraman R,

CVI comes with an interface to Excel based on ActiveX technology. You can see several examples of CVI-Excel interaction by looking in <CVISampleDir>\activex\excel directory: use the Explore Examples function in the welcome page of CVI to locate this folder or the Find Examples... function in the same panel.

By looking to these examples most of your doubts can be solved; feel free to continue posting in case you have specific questions so that somebody can help you in solving your doubts.


Nevertheless, this thread is intended for users publishing their suggestions in using LabWindows/CVI for other users to benefit from them. It is not a question-and-answer thread. For this reason I encourage you to open new threads for your future questions: this discussion will maintain its original target and your questions will be more visible.


Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.

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Re: Tip: Using the Mouse Wheel to scroll text boxes.

Hi Wim,


the CVI2009 version provides an EVENT_MOUSE_WHEEL_SCROLL, with eventData1 = the scroll action.