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reading data into labview from accdb file

Hi there.

All I want to do is read the data in a .accdb (MS acess 2007 and later) file and be able to use that data in labview. It is just a table with a bunch of numbers. I know how to do with excel but i am getting confused with MS acess. I am try to play around with LabSQL right now but still getting confused.

Please help!


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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: reading data into labview from accdb file

What are you specifically confused about? Before using LabSQL, I would suggest you find a good tutorial on the SQL language. NI's Database Toolkit can also be used. It hides some of the SQL complexity for the beginner.

Posts: 27

Re: reading data into labview from accdb file

yes of course. I use one of the examples in LabSQL and then looked at SQL code to help me retrieve data from a column and it worked. I think I just got l lost in all my research and not knowing what SQL really is. I had also downloaded sql_LV-1.09 which is another labview database library for ODBC and SQL but I was getting an error saying it could not locate the libmysql dll file. 

thanks Smiley Happy

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