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print front panel to pdf programmatically

hello all

i have some problems if  i would like to print the graph of a front panel into a pdf respectively to a printer.
first the quality is a big difference which method i use. trial and error shows me that print front panel is much better than add graph to a report, see picture attached.

with this better method i would like to do a batch of printing front panels into pdf's programmatically without any user input. the problem is that is only possible to set the printer name and nothing more. acrobat writer for example shows up a popup to tip in the filename then. any idea how i can ship around this input and print the graph with the same quality?

thanks in advance, mischl

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Re: print front panel to pdf programmatically

One of my colleagues has done this with FreePDF XP. Regrettably I don't know any details but that you can create more than one PDF printer and you can prevent any popups.
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Re: print front panel to pdf programmatically

ok, thanks! did not really found this option to print without popup in freepdf, but found it in meantime with pdfcreator.

see also this topic:

thanks and cheers
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Re: print front panel to pdf programmatically

hi my name es Mauro Nogles and need information about how to print all the information that shows in the front panel please help me and sorry for my english I'm ecuadorian