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multisim tutorial

I need a tutorial teaching how to design electronic circuits using Multisim 7. What I'm interest in mostly is an actual explanation on how the circuit works and why was design this way, all using Multisim 7. I would surely appreciate examples of consecrated circuits like PLL, AGCs, filter design, transceivers, etc.
I found some examples but they are in Multisim 10 and I am unable to open them up using Multisim 7.
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Re: multisim tutorial

You stand a mech better chance of getting an answer if you post to the Multisim board instead of the LabVIEW board. You might also want to explain what is a 'consecrated' circuit.
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Re: multisim tutorial

I guess "cosecrated" means the same thing like "mech" Smiley Wink
Sorry, it was my mistake posting the question on the wrong board and making up the word. I appreciate the irony, hope it was well intended.