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iterative pattern matching

Hi, I need to create a pattern matching program. I have successfully created one that matches a template image to a full video. Now, I need a program that updates the template image with each frame. So I would create the template on frame 1. Then on frame 2, when the program finds a spot that matches the template, it saves this image as the new template to compare to the next frame. This would continue for the full video. Does anyone have a program that does this? Or any idea where to start? I am using Labview 2010. Thank you!

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Re: iterative pattern matching

Hi frog7,


It sounds like your program that 'matches a template image to a full video' would be a good place to start, unless I misunderstand what this program does. Can you post this code so that I can take a look and perhaps give you some pointers on how to adapt this code to achieve the new functionality that you need? I'm assuming that you are using the Vision Development Module for LabVIEW 2010 as in your previous posts. Also, for future reference, it would be better for you to post this question in the Machine Vision boards. Thanks!

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Re: iterative pattern matching

Here is my current program!