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importing data to excel

My problem is that excel can't open the entire txt file that I am generating. How can i get all of data to go into excel since now it just fills up the entire A column with data and that is only 65,536 cells. Is there a way to get the data to fill up the A column and then B column etc. I want to have all of the data on one sheet.
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Re: importing data to excel

I think you are writing data using write to spreadsheet vi, so i'd even write it as a 2D array (data will be read by excel in rows and columns) or use activeX to write in a excel workbook directly. If you need more info on this, you can write in LabVIEW General forum.
Hope this helps
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Re: importing data to excel

Hi Brent,

I'm not sure how you are generating your .txt file, but Excel normally treats carriage return-line feeds as a new row and commas, tabs, etc as a new column. The only way to get Excel to read you data into a new column is to change the .txt file. You can do this with a text editor, from a separate LV program, or possibly from whatever program you are using to generate your .txt file (presumably LabVIEW?). For more help doing this check out the LabVIEW help on the string functions. Best of luck.
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Re: importing data to excel

Hi brent i have the same problem,i suggest you to use excel toolkit, then write your data with write numeric.vi in the write numeric.vi there is a next location box which is calculate location.vi  i'm attaching you the modified one,placed this one  so you can change column(in the attached vi it changes column after 200 row but you change the number, it is optional).i hope this helps, any suggestion, problem i will be pleased to answer.have nice day.Robot wink