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Hello guys ,

                  how can I can I realize a smoothing  filter in fpga as my signal is dc and its with noise Since I need the filtering and averaging to be done very quick .

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Re: fpga

Can you quantify 'very quick'? 

Rather than try filtering, is it feasible to remove the noise from source? A filter will introduce delays

If noise is picked up along the signal path, you could amplify the source and increase the signal to noise ratio.


Given a quantified sample rate, would your FPGA be able to oversample and average? 

Have you looked at the vi.lib filtering VIs?

- Cheers, Ed

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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: fpga

hi yenknip,

                  i cant use an amplifier near the source since its a very just environment , amplifier will surely fail. and i want the manipulation in fpga to be done in more than 10 mhz since the whole process is being done within millisecond . i use c series 9205 data to acquire the data.