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error 20020

 i need to read from a database of ecg signal that is attached below.
this signal is required for further processing in analog form. i m using
read from spreadsheet file.vi for the read purpose. when the signal is
filtered, i m getting
Error -20020 occurred at Filter -> read from file.vi
Possible reason(s):

Analysis:  The cut-off frequency, fc, must meet:  0 <= fc <= fs/2.
the cut off frequency of the filter is 5Hz, while the database has a sampling frequency of
200 samples/ sec.
can you help

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Re: error 20020

I would suggest you post your VI.  It sounds like the error has to do with a filter function you are using.  While it is good to have your data, I don't think your problem is going to be in the text file you posted.Smiley Wink
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Re: error 20020

i m attaching the VI we designed. our problem is to take the signal to the filter and then process it further.
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Re: error 20020

Your biggest problem is that you have nothing at all wired to the filter function.Smiley Very Happy

Instead of using the bundle function and wiring that to the graph, use the Build Waveform function with Y and dt inputs and wire that to both the graph and filter.

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Re: error 20020

Data Sampling Frequency : 128 Hz

Cut off Frequency (max value) : 52 Hz

But i am still getting d same error!

Can anyone help me?