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check if date exists in LabVIEW

A simple question:
I cannot use the Time Stamp Control due to some special user interface requirements.
The user is forced to enter date and time information via some sort of a keypad. (no mouse available)
I have a year, month and day field.
How can I best check if the entered date is a valid date. (taking everything into account such as leap year, ...)?
Checking the time fields is easy.
I know how to check for a valid date in C++ so I could create a DLL but I was wondering if there is also a pure LabVIEW solution.
Thanks for the help!
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Re: check if date exists in LabVIEW

Hi noxus,
you can use the Scan from String function. If you get en error, then the date is wrong.

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Re: check if date exists in LabVIEW

[ Edited ]
You can form a "date time record" cluster and see if it produces a valid timestamp. It will validate the month (1..12) and year, The day will wrap, so if you enter 2-29-2008 you'll get 2-29-2008, but if you enter 2-29-2007 you'll get 3-1-2007. See if it works for your purpose.

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Re: check if date exists in LabVIEW

Great ... that should do the trick!

Thanks for the solution - now I don't need the extra DLL.


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Re: check if date exists in LabVIEW

Sorry to bring up an old thread. The code helped. At least in LV 2009 an input of day 0 shifts the month back to the last day of the previous month. I don't like that behavior so I added an extra check for this.