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buffer size and samples per channel

I have a question regarding the allocation of the output buffer. I have a digital I/O card PCI-6534 and I use the driver NI-DAQmx 7.4.0f0. I would like to generate a digital output using different clock rates. For example, I need to write 500 samples at 1000 samples per second and other 500 samples at a rate of 10000 samples per second. the simplest solution is to prepare two different waveforms, write the first one on the buffer and generate the output. Then I can load the second waveform on the buffer and generate the second output. In order to minimize the delay between the two output sequences, I would like instead to write the buffer once. I tried to set the buffer size to 1000, and the number of samples per second to 500, but it doesn't work. There is a way to set independently the buffer dimension and the number of samples which have to be generated?